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2018 Competition winners

Sid Sharman Cup - 50 miles
1st Keith Ainsworth (Sheffrec CC) +42:24
2nd Chris Lea (Buxton CC) +32:50
3rd Joe Le Sage (Rutland CC) +31:29

Unity Cup - 100 miles
1st Keith Ainsworth (Sheffrec CC) +1:25:01
2nd Chris Lea (Buxton CC) +1:17:55
3rd Joe Le Sage (Rutland CC) +1:02:22

Brian Beardsley Memorial Cup - 12 hour
1st Chris Lea (Buxton CC) +80.64
2nd Joe Le Sage (Rutland CC) +72.11

Ethel Scothern Cup - BAR
1st Chris Lea (Buxton CC) +1:09:57
2nd Joe Le Sage (Rutland CC) +1:03:44

Colin Bell Cup - Middle Distance BAR
1st Keith Ainsworth (Sheffrec CC) +1:24:59
2nd Chris Lea (Buxton CC) +1:05:54
3rd Joe Le Sage (Rutland CC) +58:21

Meersbrook Trophy - Short Distance BAR
1st Keith Ainsworth (Sheffrec CC) +1:03:44
2nd Chris Lea (Buxton CC) +46:26
3rd Alan Cooke (Peak RC) +43:01

Susie Denham Cup, Ladies BAR
1st Alex Deck (Rutland CC) +42:53

Sheffield Central Trophy - 2 x 25 miles
not presented 2018

Cleethorpes Trophy - Group 10 miles
1st Chris Myhill(Peak RC) +3:56
2nd Joe Le Sage (Rutland CC) +3:27
3rd Alex Deck (Rutland CC) +3:24

Ron Blythe Trophy - Group nonstandard distance
1st Darryl Wall (Out of The Saddle CC) +5:27
2nd Chris Myhill (Peak RC) +4:43
3rd Trevor Mayne (Birdwell Wheelers) +4:23

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North Midlands TT series

North Mids TT series

The JE James sponsored North Midlands TT series comes to an end this Sunday with Beeley hill climb (kick off at 11.30am if you fancy it). Vets have done really well again, with Maxx RT's Emilie Verroken on schedule to win the hill climb competition, Alex Deck (Rutland CC) winning the SpoCo and Standard Carriageway competitions, and Keith Ainsworth winning the men's Standard Carriageway. Well done all. Check the full results on the series website.

Sheffrec CC Monsal HC, OHC3, Sunday 7th October

Emilie Verroken

Emilie Verroken (Maxx RT) win Monsal! Huge congratulations to Emilie, pictured here with men's winner Calum Brown. Emilie's winning time was 1.56.03, three secs ahead of the 2nd placed rider. This win cements Em's lead in the North Mids TT series hill climb competition, which she also won last year.


YCF 25, V232, Sunday 7th October

Steve Scott

Can't believe some of you are still racing but the Elmsall RC guys are - Steve Scott (right) was 31st with 1-01.34 and John Martin was 28th with 1-00.45 in the cold and windy 25 on the V232. Time to call it a day lads.


Last two week's racing

Keith Ainsworth

Been very busy here at VTTA North Mids Towers so this is a quick run through who's been doing what as we approach the end of the season. VTTA Yorkshire 10 on the V714 on Saturday 22nd September Andy Clark (Rutland CC) 26.09, Wayne Fuller (Rotherham Whs) 27.27, George Miles (Barnsley RC) 29.28 and Alan Sides (Rotherham Whs) 31.32.

VTTA East Midlands 25, A25/34, Saturday 22nd September: John Martin (Elmsall RC) 59.27 and Steve Scott (Elmsall RC) 59.44.

A race report wouldn't be a race report without another Keith Ainsworth win somewhere in the country. This time it was the Welsh National 50 champs. Over to you Keith: "Penultimate race of the season...the Welsh Open National 50m TT Champs - two challenging circuits from Abergavenny. Continued the solid consistency especially in these longer events, recording a decent 1-46-04, good enough for 4th spot overall (miffed I didn’t make the podium photos, but that’s me)....also picking up 2nd vet (40+) and gold on standard. So that’s another Championship meal, certainly won’t be starving this winter." Congratulations Keith!

Rutland CC 10, O10/1, Saturday 15th September

Syd Wilson

Thanks to VTTA member Joe Le Sage for organising this event, well attended by members with some fast times and a new course record of 19.35 (!) by Simon Beldon. I wonder if Simon will still be setting records when he's 89, as Syd Wilson is - his 29.21 was a new group and national record - what a year Syd has had, I've lost count of the number of records he has broken!

  • 4th Paddy Gould (Matlock CC) 20.59
  • 6th Keith Ainsworth (Sheffrec CC) 21.05
  • 9th Trevor Mayne (Birdwell Whs) 22.05
  • 11th Richard Lunt (Rossington Whs) 22.44
  • 15th Daryl May (Sheffrec CC) 23.08
  • 20th Mick Lamb (Kiveton Park CC) 23.44
  • 28th Gordon Wordsworth (Rutland CC) 24.24
  • 31st Al Norton (Harworth and District CC) 24.49
  • 37th Alex Deck (Rutland CC) 25.31
  • 38th Dave Buxton (Rotherham Whs) 25.34
  • 37th Gary Clarke (Rutland CC) 26.11
  • 43rd Ben Hamilton (Rutland CC) 26.12
  • 45th Graham Barker (Rockingham CC) 26.46
  • 46th Charlotte Ridsdale (Rutland CC) 27.01
  • 47th John Slater (Doncaster Whs) 27.55
  • 48th Pete Stirk (Elmsall RC) 28.14
  • 49th John Smith (Thurcroft CC) 28.36
  • 50th Syd Wilson (Sheffield Phoenix) 29.21 (right)
  • 53rd Alan Sides (Rotherham Whs) 32.13


Sports-lab 10, V714, Saturday 15th September

Steve Scott

Thanks to George Miles for sending me in the results of the Sportslab 10 on Saturday. A good day for the Elmsall RC boys:

  • 12th Karl Caton (Elmsall RC) 22.23
  • 29th John Martin (Elmsall RC) 23.55
  • 37th Steve Scott (Elmsall RC) 24.20 (right)
  • 69th Wayne Fuller (Rotherham Whs) 28.10
  • 70th George Miles (Barnsley RC) 28.26


ECCA 25, E2/25, Saturday 8th September

Chris Lea

Chris Lea (Buxton CC) (right) finished 78th with 54.47 in the windy ECCA 25. Martin Bullen (Peterborough CC) was 91st with 56.00 and John Martin (Elmsall RC) was 106th with 57.37.


Cleveland Coureurs 25, T252/3, Sunday 2nd September

Elmsall RC

A good day out for the Elmsall RC lads:

  • 11th Karl Caton 55.16
  • 26th John Martin 59.14
  • 28th Steve Scott 59.30

This was a new Elmsall RC team record of 2-54.00, well done. Find out more about Elmsall RC.


LRRA 30, C30/3, Sunday 2nd September

Syd Wilson

Paul Mapletoft (Kiveton Park CC) was the fastest North Mids vet at the Lincs RRA 30, with 1-14.50 but Mick Lamb (also Kiveton Park CC) wasn't far behind with 1-15.23.

Ride of the day has to go to 89 year old Syd Wilson though, whose 1-35.42 got him 1st on standard and a national and group age record, blowing last year's 1-37 out of the water. Congratulations Syd! John Smith was 2nd on standard with 1-28.41, despite snapping his rear mech cable 4 miles in and having to ride the remaining 26 miles on the little ring.


CC Breckland 50, B50/20, Saturday 1st September

Chris Lea

Well done to Chris Lea of Buxton CC (again!) on being part of the winning team in this event, with a very decent 1-51.54 for 13th overall. Team mates Mat Ivings and Tom Thornley completed the picture. Must get them to join North Mids!


BDCA 100, A100/4, Saturday 1st September

Keith Ainsworth

Keith Ainsworth (Sheffrec CC) and Joe Le Sage (Rutland CC) both rode the BDCA 100 on the revised Etwall course, which comprised six laps of a circuit from the start roundabout to the Ashbourne exit (I think). It was hot and windy - perfect for spectating but maybe not so great for the riders. This was Keith's first 100 and he was slightly apprehensive, but in typical Ainsworth style he smashed it, setting a new Sheffrec, North Midlands and National age record with a stonking 3-42.20. 5th overall - not a bad day's work. Joe did well too mind, finishing with 3-49.09.


Sunday 25th August

Mick Lamb

Mick Lamb (Kiveton Park CC) got 20th in the LRRA 25, which was cut short to 18.5m due to traffic lights on the course. Full results here.

VTTA National 15, H15/1, Sunday 25th August

Keith Ainsworth

Keith Ainsworth (Sheffrec CC) missed out on gold at the national 15, with Ron Hallam beating his +10.51 by just 4 seconds. Still his 30.41 was good enough for 5th overall on actual, and took 10s off Chris Ledger's two year old North Mids age record. Well done Keith. Full results here.

YCF 15/30, Saturday 18th August

Syd Wilson

The annual YCF 15 and 30 on the same day, always popular distances for vets. John Smith and Syd Wilson (right) rode the 15, finishing with 44.48 and 47.44 respectively, the latter giving Syd a new group and national record, beating his own that he set last year aged 88! Awesome ride Syd. The results for the 30 were as follows:

  • 11th Trevor Mayne (Birdwell Whs) 1-09.22
  • 22nd Daryl May (Sheffrec CC) 1-14.15
  • 29th Rob Barnard (Team Cystic Fibrosis) 1-17.19
  • 30th Andy Newham (trike) (Lincoln Whs) 1-17.24
  • 37th Dave Buxton (Rotherham Whs) 1-19.33
  • 43rd Tony Keyworth (Kiveton Park CC) 1-22.07
  • 53rd Mick Weaver (Rotherham Whs) 1-28.51

Results: 15 | 30 | Photos

Tickhill Velo 10, O10/1, Saturday 11th August

Keith Ainsworth, Steve Gibson, Joe le Sage and Zoe Hibberd

A really great turnout of vets for the Tickhill 10, indeed a great turnout full stop - not often you get a full field of 120 on the O10/1. A windy day resulted in tough conditions on the way out which put paid to lots of us achieving what we'd have liked (well me, anyway). Brilliant rides from Keith, Steve and Joe to get in the top 20, with a course pb from Joe.

  • 7th Keith Ainsworth (Sheffrec CC) 21.11 (top right)
  • 11th Steve Gibson (Peak RC) 21.37 (right)
  • 16th Joe le Sage (Rutland CC) 21.56 (right)
  • 21st Trevor Mayne (Birdwell Whs) 22.26
  • 23rd Richard Lunt (Rossington Whs) 22.43
  • 28th Andy Newham (Lincoln Whs) 23.04
  • 29th Daryl May (Sheffrec CC) 23.11
  • 37th Dominic Watts (Veloviewer) 23.50
  • 41st Mick Lamb (Kiveton Park CC) 23.55
  • 42nd Rob Barnard (Team Cystic Fibrosis) 24.02
  • 50th Alex Deck (Rutland CC) 24.42
  • =51st Gordon Wordsworth (Rutland CC) 24.44
  • 57th Al Norton (Harworth and District CC) 24.58
  • 58th Alix Archer (Maxx RT) 25.07
  • 62nd Dave Buxton (Rotherham Whs) 25.34
  • 69th Andy Clark (Rutland CC) 25.47
  • 80th Graham Barker (Rockingham CC) 26.39
  • 82nd Mick Weaver (Rotherham Whs) 27.02
  • 90th John Slater (Doncaster Whs) 28.31
  • 91st Zoe Hibberd (Bolsover & District CC) 28.32 (bottom right)
  • 93rd Peter Stirk (Elmsall RC) 29.00
  • 101st Syd Wilson (Sheffield Phoenix CC) 30.42
  • 103rd George Miles (Barnsley RC) 31.02

This event was part of the North Midlands Time Trial series.

Full results | Photos

Sunday 5th August

Steve Gibson

Steve Gibson (Peak RC) got 2nd in the Adept Cycling SpoCo on the T235, despite getting held up behind several tractor. Well done Steve.

Andy Newham (Lincoln Whs) rode the National 25 Mile Championships and finished 98th with 55.18.

Breckland 12 hour, B12/2, Sunday 5th August

Joe LS and Chris Lea

Joe Le Sage (Rutland CC) (top right) and Chris Lea (Buxton CC) (bottom right) both pb'd on a boiling hot day in East Anglia. Joe came 11th with 277.88 miles, Chris came 15th with 272.66.

Not only did Joe pb but he also broke another long standing Rutland record, Darren Otter's 277.26 miles from 2000. That was close Joe! Can't imagine how tough that must have been in those conditions - massive congratulations to you both. Well worth the comedy sunburn Joe.....

Full results

Team Swift 100 / 12 hour, V370, Sunday 29th July

Alex Deck

Alex Deck broke the 58 year old Rutland CC women's 100 mile record by 8 minutes with a 4hr 36m 30s ride in horrible conditions last weekend. Constant rain, poor visibility, strong winds and cool temperatures contributed to a very unpleasant ride.

The 12 hour event was even worse: after almost 9 hours of misery the race was abandoned due to an rta on the course. Andy Whitehead (Rockingham CC) had completed 159 miles and was on for a pb. Such bad luck Andy.

Full results | Kimroy photos

VTTA National Championship, A25/34, Saturday 28th July

Keith Ainsworth

A windy day resulted in surprisingly tough conditions for the 25 champs, as well as a ton of dns's. Here are those who braved the conditions, congratulations to Keith Ainsworth for being top of our leaderboard on actual and standard. Here he is (top right) receiving his award from Mick Ward, who won the RTTC 25 champs in 1958, amongst many other things:

  • 5th Keith Ainsworth (Sheffrec CC)52.30
  • 18th Alan Cooke (Peak RC) 57.14
  • 24th Karl Caton (Elmsall RC) 57.42
  • 28th Gary Kondor (Sherwood CC) 59.38
  • 31st John Martin (Elmsall RC) 1-00.32
  • 36th Steve Scott (Elmsall RC) 1-02.13 (right)
  • 37th Martin Bullen (Peterborough CC) 1-02.43
  • 41rd Andy Newham (trike) (Lincoln Whs) 1-03.18 (right)
  • 48th Dave Buxton (Rotherham Whs) 1-04.29
  • 51st Tony Keyworth (Kiveton Park CC) 1-04.48
  • 58th Ben Hamilton (Rutland CC) 1-07.03
  • 66th Mick Weaver (Rotherham Whs) 1-21.06
  • 67th Syd Wilson (Sheffield Phoenix CC) 1-21.13 (right)

And on standard the order looks like this:

  • 2nd Keith Ainsworth (Sheffrecc CC) +17.34
  • 16th Syd Wilson (Sheffield Phoenix CC) +12.40
  • 21st Alan Cooke (Peak RC) +11.38
  • 26th Karl Caton (Elmsall RC) +10.32
  • 31st Tony Keyworth (Kiveton Park CC) +9.48
  • 34th Martin Bullen (Peterborough CC) +9.37
  • 36th Gary Kondor (Sherwood CC) +9.27
  • 37th John Martin (Elmsall RC) +8.47
  • 43rd Ben Hamilton (Rutland CC) +8.06
  • 47th Steve Scott (Elmsall RC) +7.51
  • 48th Andy Newham (trike) (Lincoln Whs) +7.49
  • 50th Dave Buxton (Rotherham Whs) +6.28
  • 67th Mick Weaver (Rotherham Whs) +7.29

If anyone not pictured has a photo I can use please send it to me as I only have the one of Keith from the actual event.

Full results

Shaftsbury CC 50, E2/50C, Sunday 22nd July

Keith Ainsworth, Joe Le Sage, Chris Lea

A fast day on the E2 resulted in three really brilliant results, 3 pbs, and another group and national age record for Keith Ainsworth in what must be his best season ever. Congratulations you lot, proud to have you in the North Mids.

  • 17th / 1st on standard Keith Ainsworth 1-42-05 (pb by 5 minutes!) (top)
  • 20th /26th on standard Joe Le Sage 1-46-23 (pb by 2 minutes) (centre)
  • 26th Chris Lea 1-49-59 (pb by 18s (bottom))

The event will probably mostly be remembered for Marcin Bialoblocki taking three minutes off the comp record. Chris Lea puts it best: "I passed Bialoblocki (in the car…) as he rode the 5 uphill miles after the finish and through the lanes back to the HQ. He was still on the tribars, albeit cruising. As I was chatting to my mate Tom at the HQ, Bialoblocki rolled into the car park. I asked Tom what time it was. 9-48. But he only started at 8-00, I said, and he’s already back in the car park……"


Rossington Whs 25, O25/11, Saturday 21st July

Alan and Syd

Good turnout of 15 vets in the Rosso 25, on a day when the rest of the country probably enjoyed nice still conditions. But this is Hatfield so of course it was windy! This led to legs 2 and 4 being quite tough for everyone except Simon Beldon, who won with a super fast 50.59. Us mere mortals were slightly slower, but this didn't stop Syd Wilson setting his 3rd group AND national age record of the year, aged 89. Congratulations Syd.

  • 9th Alan Cooke (Peak RC) 57.16 (right)
  • 13th Richard Lunt (Rossington Whs) 58.42
  • 16th Mick Lamb (Kiveton Park CC) 1-00.54
  • 20th PaulMapletoft (Kiveton Park CC) 1-01.14
  • 23rd Alex Deck (Rutland CC) 1-02.23 (2nd woman)
  • 25th Al Norton (Harworth & District CC) 1-02.45
  • 26th Gordon Wordsworth (Rutland CC) 1-03.17
  • 27th Steve Cowlbeck (VTTA North Mids) 1-03.22
  • 28th Rob Barnard (Team Cystic Fibrosis) 1-03.25
  • 29th Andy Clark (Rutland CC) 1-03.31
  • 37th Alix Archer (Maxx RT) 1-05.14
  • 44th Dominic Watts (Rutland CC) 1-07.41
  • 46th John Smith (Thurcroft CC) 1-12.59
  • 52nd Syd Wilson (Sheffield Phoenix) 1-17.49 (bottom right)


North Mids TT Series SpoCo competition

Alex Deck, CLO SpoCo

Alex Deck (Rutland CC) clinched the women's SpoCo series win last week after three straight victories, giving her 360 points. Interestingly the top three women are all vets, whereas the top three men were all comparative youngsters, with the highest placed vet (Darryl Wall) at 11th.

  • 1st Alex Deck (Rutland CC) 360 points (right)
  • 2nd Emilie Verroken (Maxx RT) 355 points
  • 3rd Ann Walsham (Maxx RT) 352 points

Full results here.

Weekend update, 14th/15th July

Chris Lea and Keith Ainsworth

Some great times over the weekend, we've obviously got some riders who do well in the heat! Chris Lea (Buxton CC) (top right) did a fantastic 3-45.26 at the EDCA 100 (only 3 minutes behind Alice Lethbridge), well done Chris.

Keith Ainsworth (Sheffrec CC) (bottom right) set TWO national and group age records for 10 miles in three days, first with 19.24 at the VTTA East Anglia 10 on the E2, then with 19.21 at the VTTA London and Home Counties event on the F111/10. 1st on standard in both events and 5th and 4th overall. Well done Keith.

Results: EDCA 100 | VTTA East Anglia | VTTA London & Home Counties

Meanwhile down in Cambridgeshire, Gary Bates and Charlotte Ridsdale (both Rutland CC) did the Team Cambridge 10 on the F2D/10. Gary was 79th with 24.04 whilst Charlotte was 12th and pb'd with 25.06. Well done both! Full results here.

Sheffrec CC SpoCo, O19C, Wednesday 11th July

Andy Hicklin and Alix Archer

This was the other great sporting event taking place last Wednesday night and was also the deciding event in the North Midlands Time Trial series SpoCo competition. Huge thanks to Tony Wood and Dave Matthews for turning up and taking some really brilliant photos on the night.

  • 4th Andy Hicklin (Peak RC) 47.35 (top right)
  • 5th Daryl May (Sheffrec CC) 48.33
  • 13th Alix Archer (Maxx RT) 55.42 (2nd woman - bottom right)
  • 14th Ann Walsham (Maxx RT) 59.33

Results | Photos (Tony Wood) | Photos (Dave Matthews)

City RC (Hull) 10, V714, Wednesday 11th July

Gary Bates

Few more riders venturing up to the replacement V718. Photo of Gary Bates from the June event by CraigZad.

  • =13th Gary Bates (Team Swift) 23.52 (right)
  • 16th John Martin (Elmsall RC) 24.13
  • 27th Andy Clark (Rutland CC) 25.19
  • 30th Steve Scott (Elmsall RC) 25.36


Sherwood CC 10, A10/14, Saturday 7th July

Andy Clark

Really good turnout of North Mids vets at this event, now one of the fastest 10 courses in the country since the demise of the 718. Ride of the day goes to Andy Clark, who, having already raced the Lincoln Whs 10 in the morning, took another 40s off his pb - fantastic effort Andy, well done.

  • 20th Karl Caton (Elmsall RC) 21.21
  • 21st Andy Hicklin (Peak RC) 21.25
  • 45th Gary Kondor (Sherwood CC) 22.31
  • 66th Andy Clark (Rutland CC) 23.40 (pb) (right)
  • 68th Tony Keyworth (Kiveton Park CC) 23.46
  • 76th Paul Heggie (Birdwell Whs) 24.22
  • 90th Charlotte Ridsdale (Rutland CC) 25.26
  • 96th Wayne Fuller (Rotherham Whs) 25.45
  • 100th John Smith (Thurcroft CC) 26.18
  • 102nd Peter Stirk (Elmsall RC) 26.27


Lincoln Whs 10, C10/28, Saturday 7th July

Paddy Gould

Another good ride from Paddy Gould for 3rd place, with Andy Newham not on his trike for a change only a few places behind him.

  • 3rd Paddy Gould (Matlock CC) 21.23
  • 7th Andy Newham (Lincoln Whs) 22.26
  • 16th Al Norton (Harworth & District CC) 24.01
  • 19th Andy Clark (Rutland CC) 25.00


Witham Wheelers, C25/22, Saturday 30th June

Alan Cooke

Alan Cooke was the only North Mids vet to go under the hour at the Witham Whs 25 on Saturday. It was still a good say for Andy Clark though who continues to chip away at his pb's, taking over a minute (!) off his previous 25 one. Well done Andy.

  • 7th Alan Cooke (Peak RC) 57.21 (right)
  • 19th Mick Lamb (Kiveton Park CC) 1-01.45
  • 20th John Martin (Elmsall RC) 1-02.10
  • 27th Andy Clark (Rutland CC) 1-03.46 (pb)


YCF 50, V259/1, Saturday 30th June

Andy and Ala Whitehead

An event marred by an Otley CC rider being hit by a car, nonetheless some good rides in boiling hot conditions:

  • 24th Andy Whitehead (Rockingham CC) 1-59.02 (top right)
  • =27th Andy Newham (trike) (Lincoln Whs) 2-00.47
  • 44th Rob Barnard (Team Cystic Fibrosis) 2-06.12
  • 60th Dave Buxton (Rotherham Whs) 2-11.45
  • 71st Mick Weaver (Rotherham Whs) 2-18.47
  • 79th John Smith (Thurcroft CC) 2-34.52 (accidental detour)
  • 81st Ala Whitehead 2-50.57 (bottom right)


Trike records fall

Andy Newham

Our intrepid trike rider (trikist? triker?) Andy Newham (Lincoln Wheelers) has set three group age records recently and along with clubmates Ian Pike and Gary Wright set a new trike 15m team comp record of 1-14.30. Many congratulations Andy!

Here's how he did it:

  • Sleaford 15 (C15/1) 1-14.30
  • Shaftesbury 25 (E2/25) 58.59
  • Mercia CC 30 (A30/9) 1.10.10
  • YCF 50 (V259/1) 2.00.47

View all group age records

Buxton CC 10, J10/1, Thursday 28th June

Alex Deck and Chris Myhill

Alex Deck took 30s off her own women's course record at the Buxton CC 10 on the rolling J10/1 course near Chapel en le Frith, and a few other course pb's fell in the favourable conditions. Paddy Gould's great form continues and Chris Myhill won 1st vet 50 with his 21.09.

  • 4th Paddy Gould (Matlock CC) 20.47
  • 7th Chris Myhill (Peak RC) 21.09 (bottom right)
  • 11th Andy Hicklin (Peak RC) 21.52
  • 14th Chris Lea (Buxton CC) 22.12
  • 21st Alan Cooke (Peak RC) 22.44
  • 25th / 1st woman Alex Deck (Rutland CC) 23.01 (top right)
  • 36th Andy Clark (Rutland CC) 24.27


City RC (Hull) 10, V714, Wednesday 27th June

Paul Heggie

Almost as many dns's (24) as riders (35) in this event. Gone are the days when a trip to Newport resulted in sub 20 rides and a long list of pb's and records... still, some great photos by Craig Zad and a lovely evening by the looks of it.

  • 8th Daryl May (Sheffrec CC) 22.58
  • 14th Gary Bates (Team Swift) 23.54
  • 20th Steve Scott (Elmsall RC) 24.20
  • 24th Paul Heggie (Birdwell Whs) 25.57 (right)
  • 33rd Pete Stirk (Elmsall RC) 29.14

Results | Photos by Craig Zad

Stockton Whs 25, T252/3, Sunday 24th June

Steve Scott

Another event another course record - this time Harry Tanfield, the 23 year old wunderkind, on the T252/3, doing the eigth fastest 25 ever apparently, 45.36. Only slightly further down the field were:

  • 16th Karl Caton (Elmsall RC) 53.48
  • 41st Steve Scott (Elmsall RC) 58.27 (right)
  • 70th Wayne Fuller (Rotherham Whs)1-07.42

Results | CTT report

LVRC National championships, P885/50, Sunday 24th June

Steve Gibson

OK so this isn't time trialling but it's absolutely worth a mention. Steve Gibson (Peak RC) whose season was ruined last year by a serious crash, WON the LVRC National road race champs at the weekend. How brilliant is that!

Congratulations Steve. Unfortunately I can't find a link to the results - if anyone has got them please email me.

Blazing Saddles 50, P885/50, Sunday 24th June

Chris Lea

Chris Lea (Buxton CC) just missed a new pb by 30s, finishing with 1-50.47 in an event where good conditions and traffic contributed to almost all the later starters achieved new personal bests. The top 5 men were all under 1-40 and Alice Lethbridge broke the women's comp record with 1-46.59. Incredible.

Results | CTT report

Matlock CC 25, A25/12, Sunday 24th June

Emilie Verroken

Emilie Verroken (Maxx RT) broke her own course record on the Darley Dale - Bakewell - Matlock course, finishing with 1-02.29 (12th overall). Well done Emilie! The men's cr also went, with Matt Sinclair taking it down to 50.56 - quite a feat on that course, especially when he also won the Sleaford Whs 15 the day before!

Results | CTT report

Sleaford Whs 15, C15/1, Saturday 23rd June

Paddy Gould

Good result for Paddy Gould, 3rd behind Matt Sinclair and Ian Guilor. Also Andy Newham on his trike, well done Andy.

  • 3rd Paddy Gould (Matlock CC) 32.22 (right)
  • 16th Paul Mapletoft (Kiveton Park CC) 35.56
  • 23rd Mick Lamb (Kiveton Park CC) 36.43
  • 24th Andy Newham (trike) (Lincoln Whs) 37.02
  • 30th Tony Keyworth (Kiveton Park CC) 38.12


VTTA North Midlands 14.7m SpoCo, O14C, Saturday 23rd June

Trevor Mayne and Alex Deck

Organised by our very own Gordon Wordsworth, and incorporating the North Midlands Time Trial Championship, this was a super hot, dry and windy day out on the (very) rolling Cuckney Half Moon circuit. Once again Tony Wood was out with his camera - I love this one of Trevor Mayne really going for it at the finish (top right). Interesting comparing the times to last year - almost everyone was faster this year, in fact it's possible that Andrew Whiteley, the winner, and Darryl Wall both broke the course record, if Joel Wainman's 32.07 was the time to beat. Need to check that.

  • 2nd Darryl Wall (Out of the Saddle CC) 31.19 (1st 40-49) (top right)
  • 6th Chris Myhill (Peak RC) 33.01 (1st 50-59) (bottom right)
  • 9th Trevor Mayne (Birdwell Whs) 33.41 (top right)
  • 13th Daryl May (Sheffrec CC) 35.02
  • 17th / 1st woman Alex Deck (Rutland CC) 36.24 (centre right)
  • 18th Dominic Watts (Veloviewer) 36.32
  • 20th Andy Whitehead (Rockingham CC) 36.58
  • 23rd Rob Barnard (Team Cystic Fibrosis) 38.10
  • 25th Zoe Hibberd (Bolsover and District CC) 43.49
  • 26th John Smith (Thurcroft CC) 46.07 (1st 70+)
  • 27th Ala Whitehead (Rockingham CC) 50.06

Results | Tony Wood's photos | CTT report

Peak RC SpoCo, O17C, Wednesday 20th June

Joe Le Sage

Joe Le Sage broke his own vets course record and came 3rd overall at the annual Peak RC painfest with an awesome 45.28, just pipping climbing maestro Chris Myhill by 6 seconds. This event was the penultimate event in the North Mids TT SpoCo series.

  • 3rd Joe Le Sage (Rutland CC) 45.28 (right)
  • =4th Chris Myhill (Peak RC) 45.34
  • 10th Trevor Mayne (Birdwell Whs) 47.13
  • 26th / 3rd woman Emilie Verroken (Maxx RT) 52.23
  • 29th / 4th woman Ann Walsham (Maxx RT) 57.32

Results | Tony Wood's photos

M&DTTA 50, J4/9, Saturday 16th June

Chris Lea

Chris rode the M&DTTA 50 on Saturday over in Cheshire, and finished 19th with 1-59.58. He reports: "Windy but warm and dry for the majority of the event, but in case anyone started to enjoy it too much there was a 20 minute storm with monsoon-like rain and flooded roads which made racing rather ridiculous for a while". [Sorry Chris - nobody is allowed to moan about riding in the rain EVER AGAIN after Mike Broadwith's epic LEGOG ride this weekend - Ed.]


Mercia CC 30, A30/9, Saturday 16th June

Paul Heggie

John Martin (Elmsall RC) and Paul Heggie (Birdwell Whs) both achieved new pbs in the Mercia 30 on the revised Etwall course, and Paul also broke the Birdwell Whs CLub age record with his 1-12.39, great rides both! Commiserations to Steve Scott for his accidental detours...

  • John Martin 1-09.07
  • Steve Scott 1-12.07
  • Paul Heggie 1-12.39


Spalding CC 25, C25/35, Saturday 16th June

Paul Mapletoft

Paul Mapletoft (pictured) and Mick Lamb, both Kiveton Park CC, finished 24th and 25th, with 1-01.19 and 1-02.16 respectively, well done guys.


Hemel Hempstead CC 10, F11/10, Saturday 16th June

Chris Melia

Nothing like setting a new group and national age record in your first event of the season! Chris Melia (54) was equal 4th woman in a strong field of 58 with 21.33, on a day which saw two 17 minute rides from the fastest men. Who needs the V718?


CLO SpoCo, O14C, Wednesday 13th June

Joe Le Sage

The second event in the North Midlands Time Trial SpoCo series, this challenging course is always popular with the mountain goats. There were some great times for the vets, who says you can't go fast uphill when you're old! Commiserations to Chris Myhill who punctured 5 minutes before the start. Bad luck too for Joe Le Sage who got held up by a tractor going up Fox Lane. Didn't stop him doing a cracking time though. The event was won by Sam Walsham with 31.53, and Alex Deck was fastest woman with 38.43.

  • 8th Joe Le Sage (Rutland CC) 34.52 (right)
  • 11th Steve Gibson (Peak RC) 35.70
  • 21st Dom Watts (Veloviewer) 38.00
  • 22nd / 1st woman Alex Deck (Rutland CC) 38.43 (course pb)
  • 23rd / 2nd woman Emilie Verroken (Maxx RT) 38.50 (course pb)
  • 29th / 4th woman Ann Walsham (Maxx RT) 41.50
  • 31st Andy Clark (Rutland CC) 43.23

Results | Photos by Tim Russon

RTTC National Circuit Championships (Knight Composites Classic Series round 6), V415X2, Saturday 9th June

Steve Gibson

For those of you a bit confused about the Circuit Champs it's worth having a look at the startsheet and accompanying booklet. There are awards for all age categories for men and women, juniors and paracyclists. Congratulations to Steve Gibson on winning the 50-54 age group. Maybe one for next year?

  • 18th Steve Gibson (Peak RC) 41.52 / +12.20 - 1st C cat (50-54) (right)
  • 23rd Chris Myhill (Peak RC) 42.28 / +11.44 - 2nd C cat (50-54)
  • 44th Daryl May (Sheffrec CC) 45.05 / +6.24


New age record for Syd

Syd Wilson

Just been reliably informed that Syd's 29.37 at Cuckney on Saturday was a new group and national record! Not bad for an 89 year old riding a road bike. Congratulations Syd.

Adept Cycling 25, T252/2, Saturday 9th June

Karl Caton Posted 11th June 2018

Good ride by Karl Caton:

  • 18th Karl Caton (Elmsall RC) 53.34 (right)
  • 23rd Chris Lea (Buxton CC) 54.36
  • 44th John Martin (Elmsall RC) 57.24
  • 54th Oliver Wright (CLOs) 58.37
  • 70th Tony Keyworth (Kiveton Park CC) 1-00.58
  • 75th Paul Heggie (Birdwell Whs) 1-01.51
  • 90th Wayne Fuller (Rotherham Whs) 1-06.28

CTT results

B&DCC 10, O10/5, Saturday 9th June

Darryl Wall, Alex Deck, Ann Walsham and Alix Archer Posted 11th June 2018

Brilliant event at Cuckney, we don't get many open events on this course so they always pull in a good startsheet. Favourable conditions (for a change!) resulted in many course pb's and a new vets record for Darryl Wall, overall winner with 19.58, a ride which is definitely up there in the fastest ever for the O10/5. It was great to see Zoe Hibberd back on her bike, and new members Gary Clarke and Charlotte Ridsdale. Sixteen north mids vets rode in all, and finished as follows.

  • 1st Darryl Wall (OOTS) 19.58 (top right)
  • Keith Ainsworth (Sheffrec CC) 21.06
  • Joe Le Sage (Rutland CC) 21.33
  • Alex Deck (Rutland CC) 22.56 (course pb / 2nd woman) (centre right)
  • Gordon Wordsworth (Rutland CC) 23.37
  • Al Norton (Harworth & District CC) 23.51
  • Mick Allen (Team Jewson / MI Racing) 24.25
  • Andy Clark (Rutland CC) 24.29 (pb)
  • Ann Walsham (Maxx RT) 24.31 (3rd woman)
  • Alix Archer (Maxx RT) 25.13
  • Gary Clarke (Rutland CC) 25.37
  • Charlotte Ridsdale (Rutland CC) 26.49
  • Peter Stirk (Elmsall RC) 27.13
  • John Smith (Thurcroft CC) 27.23
  • Zoe Hibberd (Bolsover & DCC) 28.00 (bottom right)
  • Syd Wilson (Sheffield Phoenix) 29.37

As if riding a 10 wasn't enough, Ann Walsham and Alix Archer also rode the 2 up immediately afterwards! This time they finished in 23.33 (above right). Dominic Watts (Veloviewer) also rode, with Eamonn Cox, and did 23.10. Well done all. Big thanks to Tony Wood and Dave Matthews for taking such great photos too.

Matlock CC Grouse 10, A10/16, Tuesday 5th June

Paddy Gould and Alex Deck Posted 6th June 2018

Five members rode this event, on the A6 between Darley Dale and Bakewell. Turned out to be a good night, with at least two course pb's and new men's and women's course records.

  • 3rd Paddy Gould (Matlock CC) 20.47
  • 6th Steve Gibson (Peak RC) 20.47
  • Andy Hicklin (Peak RC) 22.29
  • Alex Deck (Rutland CC) 23.58 (course record)
  • Oliver Wright (CLOs) 24.59

CTT results | Photos by Geoff Brightmore

Sportzmad 25, R25/3H, Sunday 3rd June

Keith Ainsworth Posted 14th May 2018

More insane times on the Welsh course this weekend: 6th overall / 2nd vet for Keith Ainsworth (Sheffrec CC) with a superfast 48.00 - setting another group and national age record. Well done Keith.

Rob Barnard (Team Cystic Fibrosis) achieved a new pb with 55.32, congratulations Rob!

CTT results

Nottingham Clarion 50, A50/5, Sunday 3rd June

Alex Deck Posted 14th May 2018

Three group members rode this well marshalled event on a nice sunny Sunday morning. The event was won by Adam Duggleby with a 1-41, which considering it isn't really regarded as a fast course, is pretty impressive.

  • Alex Deck 2-06.47 (2nd woman)
  • Andy Whitehead 2-07.07
  • Ala Whitehead 2-56.13

CTT results | Kimroy photos

Salford CC 25, J2/9, Saturday 2nd June

Alix Archer Posted 7th June 2018

Paddy Gould, Alan Cooke, Andy Hicklin and Alix Archer rode the Salford CC 25 over in Cheshire on Saturday, on the rolling and scenic J2/9. Great ride by Paddy, who beat Mike Cuming of Madison Genesis by 20s. Great result too for Alix Archer, 2nd woman behind Jayne Dickens - well done Alix.

  • 7th Paddy Gould (Matlock CC) 54.12
  • 16th Alan Cooke (Peak RC) 56.47
  • 20th Andy Hicklin (Peak RC) 57.39
  • 2nd woman Alix Archer (Maxx RT) 1-04.55 (right)

CTT results Men | Women

Witham Wheelers 10, C10/10, Saturday 2nd June

Mick Lamb and Andy Clark Posted 14th May 2018

Andy Clark (Rutland CC) and Mick Lamb (Kiveton Park CC) headed over to Lincolnshire for the Witham Whs 10 on Saturday.

Mick (top right) just pipped Andy with his 24.36.

Andy (bottom right) was 18th with 24.49, his best placing yet - that's a good time with normal road wheels. Well done both.

CTT results | Photos by Alan East

Bank Holiday weekend, 26th May

Paddy Gould Posted 30th May 2018

Andy Clark took a whopping 39s off his pb in the Stowmarket & District CC 10 down on the B10/38 to finish with 24.44, well done Andy. Trevor Mayne (Birdwell Whs) went over the Pennines for the Anfield 100, finishing 31st, with 4-17.22, well done Trev. Most people stayed local and rode the Mapperley CC 10 on the A10/3, where, for once, Keith didn't come out top! Paddy Gould was just 7s faster:

  • 9th Paddy Gould (Matlock CC) 21.06 (2nd vet)
  • 13th Keith Ainsworth (Sheffrec CC) 21.13 (3rd vet)
  • 45th Andy Newham (Lincoln Whs) 22.54
  • 46th Karl Caton (Elmsall RC) 22.56
  • 65th Steve Scott (Elmsall RC) 24.27
  • 66th Martin Bullen (Peterborough CC) 24.29
  • 69th Paul Mapletoft (Kiveton Park CC) 24.48
  • 75th Tony Keyworth (Kiveton Park CC) 25.37
  • 99th Pete Stirk (Elmsall RC) 28.45
  • 100th John Smith (Thurcroft CC) 29.09

CTT results: Stowmarket 10 | Anfield 100 | Mapperley 10

Rutland SpoCo, O17C, Wednesday 23rd May

Darryl and Alex Posted 24th May 2018

Darryl Wall (OOTS CC) broke his own men's vet course record by 7s last night at the legendarily gruelling Longstone Edge course. Favourable conditions (at least until the tortuous final couple of miles) produced good times and some very close results, the 1st and 2nd men split by just a second and the 1st and 2nd women by 4 seconds. Phew! Big thanks to Tony Wood for the brilliant photos.

  • Darryl Wall (Out of the Saddle CC) 44.09 (1st vet)(top right)
  • Andy Hicklin (Peak RC) 47.17
  • Alex Deck (Rutland CC) 51.11 (1st woman)(bottom right)
  • Emile Verroken (Maxx RT) 52.00
  • Ann Walsham (Maxx RT) 55.42
  • Alix Archer (Maxx RT) 56.25

CTT results | Photos: Tony Wood | Kimroy

Sheffrec 25, O25/11, Saturday 19th May

Emilie Posted 21st May 2018

Two course pb's were achieved at the Sheffrec 25, both by our newest members. Emilie Verroken (right) with 1-02.16, then Andy Clark taking a chunk off his previous one with 1-05.01. Well done guys. I noticed there were 5 dnf's (almost 20% of the field) - wonder if this was the legendarily awful road surface causing punctures.

  • 2nd Keith Ainsworth (Sheffrec CC) 53.37
  • 8th Daryl May (Sheffrec CC) 58.08
  • 14th Emilie Verroken (Maxx RT) 1-02.16 (2nd woman)
  • 15th Al Norton (Harworth and District CC) 1-03.21
  • 18th Gordon Wordsworth (Rutland CC) 1-04.00
  • 19th Alix Archer (Maxx RT) 1-04.16
  • 20th Andy Clark (VTTA North Mids) 1-05.01
  • 26th Mike Weaver (Rotherham Whs) 1-16.24

CTT results | CTT report

VTTA Notts & East Midlands 25, A25/34, Saturday 19th May

Paddy Gould Posted 21st May 2018

Lovely warm conditions on the (very) rolling A25/34 course south of Newark, unfortunately there was a fair bit of wind which slowed a few people down (ok - me). Good time by Paddy Gould for that course and a pb for Rob Barnard.

  • 14th Paddy Gould (Matlock CC) 51.50
  • 28th Alan Cooke (Peak RC) 54.24
  • 30th Chris Lea (Buxton CC) 54.40
  • 39th Rob Barnard (Team Cystic Fibrosis) 56.39
  • 41st John Martin (Elmsall RC) 57.08
  • 45th Paul Mapletoft (Kiveton Park CC) 57.17
  • 47th John Gadie (Barton Whs) 57.24
  • 49th Alex Deck (Rutland CC) 57.40
  • 59th Steve Scott (Elmsall RC) 59.36
  • 66th Tony Keyworth (Kiveton Park CC) 1-00.16
  • 87th Ben Hamilton (Rutland CC) 1-04.58
Alex Deck

What with it being a VTTA event there were standard times too, which changes the order slightly:

  • Alex Deck (Rutland CC) +15.48
  • Paddy Gould (Matlock CC) +15.01
  • Tony Keyworth (Kiveton Park CC) +14.20
  • Alan Cooke (Peak RC) + 14.15
  • Chris Lea (Buxton CC) +14.15
  • John Martin (Elmsall RC) +12.11 
  • Paul Mapletoft (Kiveton Park CC) +11.35
  • John Gadie (Barton Whs) +11.15 
  • Steve Scott (Elmsall RC) +10.28
  • Ben Hamilton (Rutland CC) +9.38

CTT results

Sportzmad 25, R25/3H, Sunday 13th May

Keith Ainsworth Posted 14th May 2018

A win for Keith Ainsworth (Sheffrec CC) down in Wales with a superfast 49.08 - that's an average speed of over 30mph folks and sets another group and national age record. Well done Keith. Here he is (again) receiving his winnings.

CTT results

Andy Clark's weekend, 12th/13th May

Andy Clark Posted 14th May 2018

Andy Clark (VTTA North Mids) rode two 10s this weekend in his bid to improve on his pb, which he did, by 28s, on Sunday. It now stands at 25.23. Well done Andy - won't be long before you nip under the 25 minute mark.

South Pennine CC 25, A25/11 (revised), Saturday 12th May

Joe Posted 14th May 2018

Six North Mids vets headed down to Etwall on what didn't seem, initially, like a particularly fast day. Due to the ongoing roadworks on the A50 the course was the revised two laps of the 10 course, which means negotiating about 8 roundabouts. The weather gods, however, had other plans, and there were pb's all over the place - just imagine what the times would have been like on the original course. Congratulations Joe / commiserations Trev.

  • Joe Le Sage (Rutland CC) 52.07 (pb) (right)
  • Alan Cooke (Peak RC) 53.13
  • Trevor Mayne (Birdwell Whs) 53.42 (including a 13s late start penalty)
  • Gary Bates (Team Swift) 58.07
  • Paul Heggie (Birdwell Whs) 1-00.03 (including a minor detour)
  • Ben Hamilton (Rutland CC) 1-03.46

CTT results (not available yet)

VTTA 10 champs, F11/10, Monday 7th May

Paul Heggie Posted 30th April 2018

This is starting to look like the Keith Ainsworth fan page, but if he will keep turning out these amazing rides... His 19.29 was not only enough for 6th on actual and 3rd on standard, but also a Sheffrec record, a group age record (59) and (subject to ratification) a national age record. That's some ride Keith. Not to be outdone, Paul Heggie (64) broke a long standing Birdwell Whs age record with his 23.09. Chris Lea and John Martin (probably tired from the 25 he did on Saturday) also rode:

  • 3rd on standard Keith Ainsworth (Sheffrec CC) 19.29 (+8.03)
  • 59th on standard Chris Lea (Buxton CC) 21.02 (+6.07)
  • 100th on standard Paul Heggie (Birdwell Whs) 23.09 (+4.57) (right - photo by Kimroy)
  • 101st on standard John Martin (Elmsall RC) 22.18 (+4.56)

VTTA report

Drighlington BC 25, V232/1, Saturday 5th May

Andy Whitehead Posted 90th May 2018

Five members rode this

  • Andy Whitehead (Rockingham CC) 57.04 (right)
  • John Martin (Elmsall RC) 57.08
  • Steve Scott (Elmsall RC) 59.10
  • Gary Bates (Team Swift) 1-00.20
  • Ala Whitehead (Rockingham CC) 1-15.36

CTT results (not published yet)

Rossington Whs 10, O10/1, Saturday 5th May

Keith Ainsworth Posted 8th May 2018

The mens's and women's winners were both North Mids vets in this event, dedicated to club member Tony Hickey who passed away last year. Prizes were awarded by Tony's widow Kathleen, and included silver salvers, Belgian beers, and cash. Congrats to Alix Archer and Gordon Wordsworth who both improved on their course pbs, and also to Andy Clarke who took 30s of his overall pb. Here's Keith receiving his winnings from Kathleen, and here's how us mere mortals did:

  • 1st Keith Ainsworth (Sheffrec CC) 21.23 (top right)
  • 6th Joe Le Sage (Rutland CC) 22.06
  • 13th Richard Lunt (Ross'ton Whs) 22.40
  • 20th Alex Deck (Rutland CC) 23.57 - 1st woman (right)
  • 26th Gordon Wordsworth (Rutland CC) 24.24
  • 27th Paul Mapletoft (Kiveton Park CC)
  • 27th Mick Lamb (Kiveton Park CC)
  • 30th Al Norton (Harworth & District CC)
  • 31st Alix Archer (Maxx RT) 24.47
  • 33rd Ann Walsham (Maxx RT) 25.20
  • 34th Andy Clark (VTTA North Mids) 25.51 (bottom right)
  • 44th Mick Weaver (Rotherham Whs) 27.52
  • 45th John Slater (Doncaster Whs) 28.09
  • 46th John Smith (Thurcroft CC) 28.31
  • 47th Wayne Fuller (Rotherham Whs) 28.43

CTT results

VTTA East Anglia 25, E2/25, Saturday 28th April

Steve Scott Posted 30th April 2018

Steve Scott (Elmsall RC) ventured down to East Anglia for another wet and windy 25, his first of the year, and finished with 58.03, a good result in those conditions.

CTT results

Birdwell Wheelers 25, O25/11, Saturday 28th April

Richard Lunt and Trevor Mayne Posted 30th April 2018

The second Birdwell Wheelers event of the year (thanks Paul Heggie and team), again on Hatfield Woodhouse. Sadly conditions weren't as kind as they were for the 10 and there were a fair few dns's, but we were very well represented. Great time by Keith Ainsworth for 6th overall and 1st on standard with a massive plus of +15.19, and a good 4th from Alix Archer in a very strong women's field. No photos unfortunately so here's a couple more from the 10.

  • 6th Keith Ainsworth (Sheffrec CC) 54.45
  • 16th Joe Le Sage (Rutland CC) 56.59
  • 17th Trevor Mayne (Birdwell Whs) 57.20 (bottom right)
  • 21st Daryl May (Sheffrec CC) 57.57
  • 24th Richard Lunt (Rossington Whs) 58.12 (top right)
  • 37th Robert Barnard (Team Cystic Fibrosis) 1-01.00
  • 42nd Dominic Watts (Veloviewer) 1-01.58
  • 49th Paul Mapletoft (Kiveton Park CC) 1-02.46
  • 53rd Al Norton (Harworth & District CC) 1-03.31
  • 54th John Gadie (Barton Wheelers CC) 1-03.32
  • 57th Alix Archer (Maxx RT) 1-03.52
  • 60th Ann Walsham (Maxx RT) 1-04.51
  • 61st Tony Keyworth (Kiveton Park CC) 1-05.27
  • 71st Andy Clark (VTTA North Mids) 1-08.48
  • 79th John Smith (Thurcroft CC) 1-17.00

CTT results and report

City RC (Hull) 15, V728, Sunday 22nd April

John Smith Posted 30th April 2018

80 year old John Smith's first age record of the season to follow his 15 record of 2017, well done John.

  • 25th Paul Heggie (Birdwell Whs) 37.52
  • 31st John Smith (Thurcroft CC) 42.39 (pictured)

CTT results

VTTA Notts & East Midlands 10, A10/14a, Saturday 21st April

Syd Wilson Posted 30th April 2018

The first North Mids age record of 2018 for Syd Wilson (89), pictured here at Cuckney last year. Wouldn't be at all surprised if Syd lowers that a bit more over the season.

  • 44th Steve Scott (Elmsall RC) 23.11
  • 52nd Paul Mapletoft (Kiveton Park CC) 23.38
  • 56th Ann Walsham (Maxx RT) 23.57
  • 65th Oliver Wright (CLOs) 24.53
  • 71st Ben Hamilton (Rutland CC) 25.16
  • 83rd John Smith (Thurcroft CC) 28.37
  • 87th Syd Wilson (Sheffield Phoenix) 31.01

CTT results

VTTA Midlands 10, K48/10, Saturday 21st April

Keith Ainsworth Posted 30th April 2018

Excellent ride by Keith Ainsworth (Sheffrec CC) to finish 3rd overall and 1st on standard with 21.19 on this not particularly fast course just north of Stafford. Well done Keith.

CTT results

Barton Wheelers 10, C10/7, Saturday 21st April

John Gadie Posted 30th April 2018

Well done to the five riders who took on the anticlockwise square of the C10/7, which lies the other side of the Humber to the V718.

  • =20th John Gadie (Barton Wheelers CC) 23.40
  • 22nd Mick Lamb (Kiveton Park CC) 23.47
  • 24th Gary Bates (Team Swift) 24.09
  • 25th Tony Keyworth (Kiveton Park CC) 24.42
  • 34th Andy Clark (VTTA North Mids) 26.21

CTT results

Birdwell Wheelers 10, O10/1, Saturday 14th April

Keith, Alix, Alex Posted 17th April 2018

Good fun on Saturday at the Birdwell 10 on everyone's favourite course (Hatfield). Surprisingly good conditions for once, which made a nice change. Highest place North Mids vet was Keith Ainsworth with 21.44, this was despite puncturing whilst warming up and having to borrow a wheel. Ride of the day for me was Alix Archer taking a minute (yes) off her course pb with a brilliant 24.50, congratulations Alix! Here's how everyone else fared:

  • 11th Keith Ainsworth (Sheffrec CC) 21.44 (1st vet 50-59) (top right, pic by John Robert)
  • 16th Trevor Mayne (Birdwell Whs) 22.32
  • 20th Richard Lunt (Rossington Whs) 22.50
  • 26th Robert Barnard (Team Cystic Fibrosis) 23.46
  • 30th John Martin (Elmsall RC) 24.08
  • 34th Al Norton (Harworth & District CC) 24.18
  • 36th Alex Deck (Rutland CC) 24.31 (2nd woman) (bottom right, pic by CraigZad)
  • 40th Alix Archer (Maxx RT) 24.50 (3rd woman) (centre right, pic by Brian Hall)
  • 43rd Ann Walsham (Maxx RT) 25.15
  • 45th Tony Keyworth (Kiveton Park CC) 25.28 (1st 70+)
  • 61st John Slater (Doncaster Whs) 28.27
  • 62nd John Smith (Thurcroft CC) 28.31

There were some great photos taken on the day too, with no fewer than three photgraphers out on the course. Make sure you credit these guys if you use and / or buy any prints: Brian Hall | CraigZad | John Robert

There was a road bike only event running simultaneously which gave new member Andy Clark a new pb - well done Andy. Not many people set a pb on Hatfield, so that's not going to last long.

  • 4th Dominic Watts (Veloviewer) 24.02
  • 14th Andy Clark (VTTA North Mids) 26.48

CTT results and report | Road bike event results

VTTA Yorkshire 25, V236/1, Saturday 7th April

Paul Heggie Posted 9th April 2018

Over 20 dns's for this one but not Paul Heggie, who set another Birdwell Wheelers age record with his 1-01.53 (aged 64). Well done Paul (and John too of course). Great photo by Craig Zadoroznyj

  • John Martin (Elmsall RC) 59.47
  • Paul Heggie (Birdwell Whs) 1-01.53

CTT results

Melton Olympic CC 25, A25/34, Saturday 7th April

Andy Newham Posted 9th April 2018

Congratulations to Andy Newham on a new trike 25 group age record, blowing the one he set last year out of the water by about three minutes. I've not got any photos for this one so if any of you have please send them in. The one of Andy is from last year. Good one though.

  • Alan Cooke (Peak RC) 54.56
  • Al Norton (Harworth & District CC) 59.20
  • Andy Newham (Lincoln Whs) 59.37 (pictured)
  • Tony Keyworth (Kiveton Park) 1-01.15s

CTT results

Sleaford Whs 10, C10/10, Saturday 31st March

John Gadie Posted 5th April 2018

THE COLDEST EVENT EVER. Shows how hard North Mids vets are though - five of us probably contracting pneumonia on the rolling C10/10 in sub zero temperatures with a bit of sleet thrown in for good measure. Only about 30s between the first four of us with Andy Clarke three mins behind, but just riding it was a good effort - over a third of the field sensibly DNSd.

  • 38th John Gadie (Barton Whs) 25.19 (pictured)
  • 45th Mick Lamb (Kiveton Park CC) 25.33
  • 47th John Martin (Elmsall RC) 25.51
  • 49th Alex Deck (Rutland CC) 25.56 (2nd woman)
  • 78th Andy Clarke (VTTA North Midlands) 28.35

CTT results | photos by Richard Howes

Buxton CC Mountain TT, Good Friday, J8/3

Joe le Sage Posted 5th April 2018

The legendarily tough Buxton MTT took place on a chilly Good Friday with a top class field including Hayley Simmonds and national HC champion Melissa Lowther amongst the women. Our mountain goats Joe, Daryl and Dominic, who mysteriously seem to love this course, all finished with very respectable times in the vets event:

  • 4th vet Joe le Sage (Rutland CC) 59.54 (pictured)
  • 15th vet Daryl May (Sheffrec CC) 1-05.44
  • 24th vet Dominic Watts (Veloviewer) 1-09.44

CTT results

Our first event of the year

Alex, Emilie and Alix Posted 26th March 2018

Chris Melia organised the group's first event of the year on Saturday on the O10/16 and it was a great success. The snow held off and a small but classy field of 40 descended on the outskirts of Bolsover (not sure if that was more scary for them or us). Tony Wood and Brian Hall took some brilliant photos and lots of people made cakes. We even had proper coffee! Overall it was a good day. James Rix (Team Bottrill / Vanguard) was actual fastest man with 20.53 and Alex Deck (Rutland CC) was fastest woman with 25.29. Michael Dodson (Uk-Featherflags/TRI Race Team) was fastest on standard with +4.13. In all, 14 group members entered - a huge thanks to those who helped out by marshalling / baking cakes / supporting Chris in her first event. Photos are of the three women, who were all within 30s of each other - special congratulations to Alix Archer on a storming ride.

  • Chris Myhill (Rutland CC) 22.54 (3rd on standard)
  • Joe le Sage (Rutland CC) 22.56
  • Trevor Mayne (Birdwell Whs) 23.56
  • Alan Cooke (Peak RC) 24.04
  • Rob Barnard (Team Cystic Fibrosis) 24.19
  • Alex Deck (Rutland CC) 25.29 (1st woman) (top right)
  • Emile Verroken (Maxx RT) 25.37 (2nd woman) (middle right)
  • Alix Archer (Maxx RT) 25.54 (3rd woman)(bottom right)
  • Al Norton (Harworth And District CC) 26.14
  • Gordon Wordsworth (Rutland CC) 26.18
  • Dave Buxton (Rotherham Wheelers) 26.27
  • Oliver Wright (CLOs) 28.33
  • Andy Clarke (VTTA North Mids) 28.37
  • John Smith (Thurcroft CC) 29.38
  • Gary Bates (Team Swift) 33.57

Photos: Brian Hall (Facebook) | Tony Wood
Full results

Harrogate Nova 15, V226

Syd Posted 26th January 2018

Our event wasn't the only one this weekend. The Harrogate Nova 15 drew a pretty impressive field, and the first group and national age record of the year with 89 (yes) year old Syd Wilson's 49.13. Huge congratulations Syd, what a start to the year.

  • 24th Daryl May (Sheffrec CC) 35.37
  • 36th John Martin (Elmsall RC) 37.20
  • 37th Paul Mapletoft (Kiveton Park) 37.24
  • 41st Mick Lamb (Kiveton Park) 38.24
  • 48th Paul Heggie (Birdwell Whs) 39.17
  • 66th Syd Wilson (Sheffield Phoenix) 49.13 (pictured)
  • 67th Ala Whitehead (Rockingham CC) 49.48

CTT report and results

2018 subs

VTTA north Mids logo Posted 30th January 2018

Subs are due by THE END OF FEBRUARY. You can pay by cheque or PayPal.

VTTA National AGM and prizegiving

AlexAndChris Posted 30th January 2018

We sent two delegates down to Solihull on Saturday for the National AGM and prizegiving. Receiving awards were Chris Melia (6th overall in the 3 distance competition (out of 99), 20th in the 2 distance competition (out of 309), winner of the women's 50m and 30m champs) and Alex Deck (winner of the 15m tandem champs).

Here are Alex and Chris receiving their awards from VTTA President Carole Gandy. (Photos by Kimroy).

More info and full 2017 results on the VTTA site.

How cycling saved my life

Andy Clark Posted 23rd January 2018

It's been a while since we did a rider feature. Usually, it's someone who is sadly no longer with us so this one is a first in that the subject is very much alive and kicking. It's also a first in that the rider in question wrote it himself. New member Andy Clark wanted to tell his story of racing, weight gain, weight loss and (hopefully) return to racing.

Thanks so much for this Andy. It's inspiring stuff. We look forward to seeing you on the start line this year.

Read Andy's story here.

Happy new year!

Chris and Sean Posted 18th January 2018

Welcome back everyone. I've archived all last year's news stories but you can still read them if you are so inclined.

So, we have a fresh new page for 2018. What better way to kick it off than a photo of a legend in cycling taken at Champions' Night last weekend. Yes it's our very own Chris Melia, 5th in the Women's 3 distance BAR with an average speed of 26.26mph, being presented with her award by some bloke called Sean Yates. Chris also picked up the team award for Born to Bike.