News archive: 2015

All the race reports and results for 2015 have now been archived, to make space for the 2015 competition prizewinners. Congratulations to all our winners! .

*** 2015 competition winners ***

Ron Blythe trophy - 18k

Karen Ledger (Langsett Cycles RT) +2.31

18k Handicap trophy

Andy Newham (Lincoln Whs) 13.17

Cleethorpes shield - group 10m

Alex Deck (Langsett Cycles RT) +7.25

Sheffield Central trophy - both group 25m events

Karen Ledger (Langsett Cycles RT) +13.45

Sid Sharman cup - 50m

Chris Melia (Sheffrec CC) +32.29

Unity cup - 100m

Chris Lea (Buxton CC) +1hr 7m 52s

Brian Beardsley Memorial cup - 12 hour

Chris Ledger (Langsett Cycles RT) +63.22m

Meersbrook trophy - Group Short Distance BAR - 10, 25 & 50m

Chris Melia (Sheffrec CC) +49.59

Prestige Points competition - best in our group events

Chris Ledger (Langsett Cycles RT) 39 points

Colin Bell cup - Group Middle Distance BAR - 10, 25, 50 & 100m

Chris Lea (Buxton CC) +1hr 2m 50s

Susie Denham cup - Ladies BAR - 10, 25 & 50m

Chris Melia (Sheffrec CC) +49.59

Ethel Scothern cup - Group BAR 25, 50, 100 & 12 hour

Chris Ledger (Langsett Cycles RT) +1hr 1m 52s

The Veteran - out now

The Veteran Posted 26th Oct 2015

The latest issue of The Veteran arrived over the weekend, full of group reports and, pleasingly, featuring photos of women riders only. Nice one Jim Burgin.

Beeley Moor Hill climb, Sunday 18th Oct

Paul Heggie Posted 19th Oct 2015

Trevor Mayne, Paul Heggie (top right)(both Birdwell Whs), Joe Le Sage (Rutland CC) and Patrick Murphy (bottom right)(B&DCC), represented the group on a very chilly and misty Beeley yesterday. All credit to everyone who rode it because it was not a nice day for it.

  • Joe Le Sage (42) 10.17.6
  • Trevor Mayne (52) 11.03.6
  • Paul Heggie (62) 13.58.0
  • Patrick Murphy (40) 15.32.9
Patrick Murphy

Patrick's time includes a (rather harsh) 5 minute penalty for missing his start time - bad luck Patrick! Great time apart from that.

Full results here, and there are some good photos on Facebook.

Hill climb season in full swing

Joe, Trev, Daryl, Alex Posted 12th Oct 2015

It was a very busy weekend in the North Midlands for hill climbs, with events on Holme Moss, Mam Nick, Bib Lane and Carr Lane. Although we should probably be at home with our feet up, a few of us ventured out to batter ourselves up some of the steepest climbs in the area. Well done all.

Saturday 10th October, Rutland CC - Mam Nick

  • Joe Le Sage (top right) (Rutland CC) 14th overall with 7:32.3
  • Daryl May (bottom right) (Sheffrec CC) 15th with 7:43.2
  • full results

Saturday 10th October, Holme Valley Whs - Whs Holme Moss

Sunday 11th October, B&DCC - Carr Lane

  • Patrick Murphy (B&DCC) 10th overall with 3.38
  • Alex Deck (right) (Langsett Cycles RT) 3rd lady and 1st lady vet with 4.28
  • full results

Andy Newham ends season with double win

Andy Newham Posted 6th Oct 2015

Andy Newham (Lincoln Whs) ended what's been a great season with back to back wins in the Lincoln Whs 10 and 25 (trikes and tandems) events. It's fair to say Andy trounced the competition with 26.29 in the 10 and 1h 07m 54s in the 25, a full 2 1/2 mins ahead of the 2nd placed rider. Full results here: 10 | 25

National age record for Alex Deck, group age record for Trevor Mayne

Alex Deck Posted 6th Oct 2015

The Group event on Saturday 3rd October on the O10/3 resulted in two group age records, one of which (Alex's) was also a national record.

5th group trike age record for Andy Newham

Andy Newham Posted 6th Oct 2015

Andy Newham (Lincoln Whs) rounded off his super successful year on the trike with a 1.13.55 at the Leo 30 to take his club record and make a new group age record. This is Andy's 5th age record this year, so he now holds trike age records at every distance bar the 12hr / 24hr (which would be madness) - pretty amazing! Congratulations Andy!

Pea Royd Lane HC, OHC/9, 27th September

Paul Heggie Posted 22nd Sept 2015

I’m sure I said something about never riding this appalling hill ever again after last year’s display but mysteriously found myself driving up to Stocksbridge on Sunday morning. Not many vets entered (very sensibly), and only Paul Heggie (right - Birdwell Whs) and I were brave enough to tackle the beast on behalf of the North Midlands. It was a really nice event (apart from the bit where we were actually riding up the hill), very friendly and with nice weather. Stewart Smith did a great job of organising and new sponsorship from Full Gas Bikes provided some very generous prizes, which made the suffering worthwhile.

  • Alex Deck 3.53.2 (1st 45-49 Female)
  • Paul Heggie 4.31.4 - (1st 60+ Male)

Photos by Kimroy

Trevor Mayne

Rockingham 10, O10/3, 26th September

Posted 28th Sept 2015

Thanks to Ant McNamara for putting on a really enjoyable event on Saturday – good conditions, timely results, excellent buffet and great prize.

  • Trevor Mayne 20.41 (right)
  • Paul Mapletoft 21.56
  • Alex Deck 22.20
  • Martin Bullen 22.23
  • Pete Stirk 24.07
  • Mike Weaver 24.29
  • John Smith 25.01
  • Mike Garvey 25.06

B&DCC hill climb, Hardwick Hall, 20th September

Paul Heggie Posted 22nd Sept 2015

Was I the only vet foolish enough to enter this? I suspect I was. Great event floodlit (just about) with a commentator and music at the start – good fun. Very well marshalled (they even had bollards). Top marks to Bolsover as usual.

Full results | Lots of photos on Facebook.

  • Alex Deck 2.00 (3rd lady / 1st lady vet)
Alex Deck

Team Swift 10, V718, 19th September

Posted 22nd Sept 2015

A fast day at the 718 resulted in some good times and a group age record. Nice to ride in the sunshine for once.

  • Alex Deck (right) 21.35 (group age record)
  • Martin Bullen 21.42
  • Steve Scott 22.04
  • Peter Stirk 22.32 (at age 70 – good going Pete)
  • Graham Barker 22.57
  • Robin Maclagen 24.45
  • Mike Garvey 24.45
  • John Fitch 24.46
  • Alan Sides 24.59
  • Geoff Hague 25.15 (fastest ride since 2011, well done Geoff!)
  • Graham Blanchard ?
  • John Fitch ?

Photos here

Andy Newham

VTTA Notts & East Mids 25, A25/34, 12th /13th September

Posted 22nd Sept 2015

Apologies for missing Andy and Richard off the weekly email roundup. Remember to send me your results if you want to be incuded.

  • Andy Newham (right) 55.21
  • Bill Seddon 55.31
  • Paul Mapletoft 56.02
  • Richard Sheldrake 56.38
  • Tony Keyworth 1hr 01m 4s
Andy Newham

National trike 10 & 25 championships, 12th /13th September

Posted 15th Sept 2015

North Midlands trike king Andy Newham (Lincoln Whs) was 2nd in both the 10 and 25 events on the K41/10 and K41/25 in Leicestershire. Awesome work Andy - I'll post full results when I get them.

Richard Sheldrake

Yorks RC 50, 13th September

Posted 15th Sept 2015

Richard Sheldrake (Lincoln Whs) did a whopping 89 second PB on Sunday - 1.57.52 at Yorks RC 50 on V259/1. Great stuff Richard.

Al Norton

Barnsley RC 10, 12th September

Posted 15th Sept 2015

Nice sunny day for this rescheduled event on a very busy A1. Elmsall RC, a newly formed club of only 6 months was second fastest team in the event - there will be a report in the Hemsworth and South Elmsall Express on Thursday. Well done guys.

Unfortunately, a traffic count done on the day by the CTT North Midlands suggests the future of events on this section of the A1 is uncertain.

  • John Martin (Elmsall RC) 21.09 (course pb)
  • Paul Mapletoft (Kiveton Park CC) 22.11
  • Al Norton (right)(Mapperley CC) 22.24
  • Steve Scott (Elmsall RC) 22.33 (course pb)
  • Chris Melia (Sheffrec CC) 22.33 – pb and another age record! Well done Chris.
  • Pete Stirk (Elmsall RC) 24.34
  • John Smith (Thurcroft CC) 24.58
  • Mike Garvey (B&DCC) 25.55
  • Alex Deck (Langsett Cycles RT) – 29.??

Alan Cooke

Stone Wheelers 25, 12th September

Posted 15th Sept 2015

Tough choice between this event and the Barnsley 10 this weekend - not many more goes on Etwall this year.

  • Alan Cooke (right)(Peak RC) 52.52 – a season's fastest, well done Alan.
  • Patrick Murphy (B&DCC) 55.12 – read Pat’s blog
  • Bill Seddon (B&DCC) 55.20
  • Martin Bullen (Peterborough CC) 57.11.
Mick Lamb

LRRA 30, C30/7, 6th September

Posted 7th Sept 2015

We had three riders in this event: Mick Lamb (Kiveton Park CC - right) 1.13.33, Richard Sheldrake (Lincoln Whs) 1.13.35 (pb) and Andy Newham (Lincoln Whs) 1.16.04. Richard had also raced the Team Velovelocity 25 on the E2/25 on Saturday afternoon, recording 56.52. Andy Newham had gone one further, pb-ing in the BDCA 100 the previous day.

Chris Melia

Port Talbot Whs 25, R25/3L, 6th September

Posted 7th Sept 2015

Chris Melia (Sheffrec CC - right) undoubtedly did the ride of the weekend (year?!) at this event, finishing with a fantastic 55.59 – a new group age record for 51 (there goes mine – thanks Chris), very probably a Sheffrec women’s record, and only 30s off Carole Gandy’s national age record of 55.30, age 52. Inspiring stuff. Mustn’t forget Martin Bullen (Peterborough CC)’s 55.57, a very good ride too! Results here.

Joe Le Sage

BDCA 100, A100/4, 5th September

Posted 7th Sept 2015

The final event of the BBAR calendar produced some crazy-fast rides for the top 5 men, but it wasn’t a great day for everyone. Joe Le Sage (Rutland CC - right) was on top form, finishing with a new pb of 3.54.03 and Andy Newham (Lincoln Whs) also pb'd with 4.08.11,but it wasn’t such a good day for Chris (4.00.24) and Karen Ledger (4.14.17) (both Langsett Cycles RT). Must be tough doing a 100 at the end of the season – well done guys. Full results.

Alex Deck

Women’s National 10, U8, Marlborough, Wiltshire, 5th September

Posted 7th Sept 2015

I’m wishing I had entered the Port Talbot Whs 25 instead but it was fun (?) to do a National champs. It was a tough, hilly course and really cold (those are my excuses anyway). I got 14th with 24.39 and just missed the age group medal by 7s, losing out to Gillian Pears. Read my review.

Gary Kondor

VTTA Yorkshire 10, V718, 5th September

Posted 7th Sept 2015

As you’d expect the group was well represented in this, almost the last event on the 718 this year. Don’t forget to check the group age records if you’ve done a really good ride – you never know, you might have got one. Results here.

  • Gary Kondor (Sherwood Pines CC - right) 20.41
  • Trevor Mayne (Birdwell Whs) 20.43
  • Bill Seddon (B&DCC) 20.57
  • Patrick Murphy (B&DCC) 21.01 (pb) Read Patrick's blog
  • Mike Dodson (B&DCC) 21.12
  • Greg Codling (Barton Whs)21.15
  • John Martin (Elmsall RC) 21.22
  • Daryl May (Sheffrec CC) 21.29
  • Craig Devonshire (B&DCC) 22.14 (pb)
  • Mark Booth (Kiveton Park CC) 22.44
  • Andrew Ziemacki (Rotherham Whs) 22.55
  • Steve Scott (Elmsall RC) 23.17
  • Michael Weaver (Rotherham Whs) 24.12
  • Peter Stirk (Elmsall RC) 24.42
  • John Smith (Thurcroft CC) 25.56
  • Mike Garvey (B&DCC) 25.59
  • Geoff Hague (Rutland CC) 26.03
  • Alan Sides (Rotherham Whs)26.57
  • John Slater (Doncaster Whs) 26.59
Bill Seddon

VTTA North 50, 29th August

Posted 7th Sept 2015

Again, a decent field from the North Mids in this BBAR event, and some really good results too:

  • Bill Seddon (B&DCC) 1-53.13
  • Chris Ledger (Langsett Cycles RT) – 1-54.08
  • Joe Le Sage (Rutland CC) 1-55.50
  • Karen Ledger (Langsett Cycles RT) – 1-58.15
  • Andy Newham (Lincoln Whs) - 1-58.47
  • Chris Melia (Sheffrec CC) – 1.59.12 (pb and age record, well done Chris!)
  • Richard Sheldrake (Lincoln Whs) – 1-59.54
  • Greg Codling (Barton Whs) 2.07.??
  • Martin Bullen (Peterborough CC) 2-11.36

Real Team 25, 23rd August, R25/3L

Posted 4th Sept 2015

Run on the superfast course in South Wales – read Karen’s review here. Congratulations on a new pb Karen! Results here.

  • Karen Ledger (Langsett Cycles RT) - 55.18

YCF 30, 22nd August, V214

Posted 4th Sept 2015

Paul Heggie (right) set a pb and club age record in this event, well done Paul. Results here.

  • Paul Heggie (Birdwell Whs) - 1-18.43
  • Alan Sides (Rotherham Whs) - 1-32.36
Alex Deck

Rutland 10, 22nd August, Hatfield Woodhouse

Posted 4th Sept 2015

Had a really good turnout of North Mids vets at this event, run by Joe Le Sage for Rutland CC on a boiling hot day. Full results

  • Patrick Murphy – 22.18 - (V40) - read Patrick’s blog here
  • Michael Dodson (B&DCC) - 22.23 (V40)
  • Daryl May (Sheffrec CC) - 22.47 (V40)
  • Mick Lamb (Kiveton Park CC) - 23.12 (V40)
  • Paul Mapletoft (Kiveton Park CC) – 23.35 (V50)
  • Mark Booth (Kiveton Park CC) - 23.39
  • Alex Deck (Langsett Cycles RT) - 23.47 (1st lady) – read Alex’s review here
  • Andrew Ziemacki (Rotherham Whs) - 24.12 (V60)
  • John Smith (Thurcroft CC) - 26.36 (fastest V70)
  • John Slater (Doncaster Whs) - 28.20 (V60)
  • Robin Maclagan (VTTA North Mids) - 28.59 (V70)
  • Peter McNally (Rutland CC) - 31.52 (V70)
Steve Cook

Steve Cook

Posted 2nd Sept 2015

Steve Cook (Lindsey Roads CC) was involved in a collision on Sunday 23rd August on the A46 when a car hit him from behind at 50mph. His back was broke in two places, his leg and several ribs were broken, together with a smashed chest bone and a punctured lung. He was airlifted to QMC Nottingham where he underwent emergency operations on his back plus skin grafts. It's going to be a long slow recovery from here, we will keep you informed. Our thoughts are with Steve and his wife Louise.


YCF 100, 16th August

Posted 18th August 2015

Joe Le Sage (Rutland CC) and Gary Kondor (right - Sherwood Pines RT) rode what must have been a very warm YCF 100. Joe finished 7th with 4h 05m 30s and Gary did 4h 24m 46s for 17th. Well done guys. Results here.

  • Joe - 1hr 55m 15s
  • Gary - 2h 12m 58s
Alan Cooke

Congleton CC 50, 15th August

Posted 18th August 2015

Trevor Mayne (Birdwell Whs), Alan Cooke (right - Peak RC) and Chris Melia (Sheffrec) competed in this 50 on what Trev described as as "mildly sporting course with not a lot of traffic, all s/c, and excellent HQ (blimey it's posh over there - I left my car boot wide open during the whole race and nothing was nicked!!)". (Haha - Ed.)

  • Trevor - 1hr 55m 15s (+25.2)
  • Alan - 1hr 55m 31s (+24.56)
  • Chris - 2h 12m 58s (+19.23 - 2nd woman)
Graham Huck

Update on Graham Huck

Posted 18th August 2015

You will recall that Graham was knocked off on the A1 during our 25 on 18th July (report in the Doncaster Free Press). John Martin visited him last week and reported that "he's at home now and in good spirits and mending well. Only thing he's got to be careful of is his right hip as it was broken and he isn't allowed to put any stress on it yet in case he loosens the pins helping to hold it together. There was an eye witness to the accident so he will be okay in that respect". We all wish Graham well and trust he will be back on his bike before too long.


Committee meeting, 18th August

Posted 4th August 2015

Our summer committee meeting takes place tonight at the usual place - Brooklands Club, Maltby, 7.30pm. If anyone has anything you'd like to add to the agenda, please let our Meetings Sec Iain McColl know.

Jim Hall

Jim Hall, 21st November 1934 - 3rd August 2015

Posted 5th August 2015

Sadly, long-time member Jim Hall passed away on Sunday. Jim had been battling lymphoma for a number of years now but after a three week spell in the Rotherham General Hospital he died peacefully at around 6pm. Geoff Hague, a friend and club mate of Jim's at the Rutland CC, has kindly written this obituary.

Update: Jim's funeral will be held at Hutcliffe Wood Cemetery on Wednesday 19th August at 2.30pm, and afterwards at Abbeydale Sports Club, which for many of his friends will be a reminder of the many Rutland CC club dinners which were organised by Jim. Kate Hall has requested that she would like all attending Jim's funeral to wear casual clothing and no ties.

Richard Sheldrake

Rockingham CC 25 (A25/25), 8th August

Posted 11th August 2015

Great write up of an excellent 54.52 in his first ever 25 by soon-to-be-member Patrick ‘Supermurph’ Murphy (B&DCC).

  • John Martin (Sth Elmsall SCC) - 56.38
  • Richard Sheldrake (right - Lincoln Whs) - 59.39

As if that wasn't enough, Richard also raced the VTTA East Anglian 25 on the E2/25 at Newmarket the following morning, and described it thus: "I'm pleased to report in much cooler and less breezy conditions on a more traffic-free course with a much quicker turn, that I recorded my second fastest '25' ever (the E2 is notoriously long at 25.2 miles after the finish was moved much higher up the sliproad to keep the timekeepers happy) of 56.07 so actually a moral 55!! Given this was only 13hrs after the Rockingham event I am well pleased!"

Joe Le Sage

VTTA 50m championships (P885/50)

Posted 11th August 2015

Long distance specialist Joe Le Sage (Rutland CC) was the sole North Mids representative at the VTTA champs in Sussex and pulled a very respectable 1.52.01 out of the bag in an event won on standard by 72yr old Brian Sunter (Condor RC) with an amazing 1.50.57, a massive plus of 44.46.

Photos here.

Steve Scott

Bridlington 10 (V718), 8th August 2015

Posted 10th August 2015

Graham Barker (Rockingham CC) & Chris Duggleby (Brough Wheelers), Alex Deck (Langsett Cycles RT), Steve Scott & Pete Stirk (Elmsall RC) and Janice McWilliam (B&DCC) ventured up to the V718 on Saturday afternoon for the Bridlington 10 [photos here].

Possibly the most exciting thing about this event was Hayley Simmonds breaking Julia Shaw’s comp record by a second, with a quite astonishing 19.46. It wasn’t even a particularly fast day! She really is some rider, although it’s worth noting that Julia Shaw would have been about 20 years older than Hayley when she did her ride.. wonder if Hayley will still be breaking records when she’s 47?

None of use came close to Hayley but we did ok:

  • Graham & Chris 22.06
  • Steve – 22.06 (pb – congratulations Steve! Good effort)
  • Alex - 22.15 (North Mids age record)
  • Janice – 23.31
  • Pete – 23.43

Trev's 24hr epic

"I did 453 miles vs the overall winner Michael Broadwith's fantastic 537. I started too fast then had to drop it down during the night. Changed to my night bike on which the front light promptly failed! Managed to change it safely but then 4 hours of heavy rain set in and several people packed"

"Things improved with daylight and I focussed on getting through each hour, despite a worsening knee pain. Anyway - I managed to keep going and ended extremely tired but very elated, having exceeded my target of beating our old club record (427m)"


Team Swift 50/12hr, 26th July

Posted 27th July 2015

The big event of this weekend was the Team Swift 12hr (incorporating the 50m and 100m events).

The group was represented in two distances and I doubt anyone survived without a soaking - a third of the field packed and who can blame them.



Well done to Chris (7th overall, 259.17m - top right) and Joe (10th, 253.75m - right) for their brilliant efforts.

This event counted towards the North Mids Brian Beardsley memorial cup, which makes Chris the new North Midlands 12hr champion! Congratulations Chris.


Gary Kondor
  • Gary Kondor (right)(Sherwood CC) - 2h 08m 30s
  • Tony Keyworth (Kiveton Park CC) - 2h 12m 44s
  • Wayne Fuller (Rotherham Whs) - 2h 20m 52s
  • Alan Sides (Rotherham Whs) - 2h 35m 44s

Full results here.

Alan Cooke

Melton Olympic 25, 26th July

Posted 27th July 2015

This event on the A25/34 attracted a strong field and benefitted from considerably more pleasant conditions than the 12hr, some good times were recorded:

  • Alan Cooke (right)(Peak RC) - 53.55
  • John Martin (Elmsall RC) - 55.46
  • Paul Mapletoft (Kiveton Park CC) - 57.56
  • Andrew Ziemacki (Rotherham Whs) - 58.55

Full results here.

Chris Melia

Rossington Wheelers 25, Hatfield Woodhouse, 26th July

Posted 27th July 2015

Chris Melia (Sheffrec CC-right) did a great ride in the Rossington Whs 25, winning the ladies' event with 1h 1m 17s.

Bill Seddon (B&DCC) and Daryl May (Sheffrec CC) also rode, finishing with 56.59 and 57.32 respectively. This was the penultimate event in the North Mids TT series single carriageway comp.

Paul Heggie

EDCA 100, 26th July

Posted 27th July 2015

Paul Heggie (aged 61) (Birdwell Whs) nabbed a new Club age record in this event with 4h 27m 00s. Congratulations, Paul!

Group 25, 18th July

Posted 20th July 2015

Our group 25 was marred by a RTA involving 66 yr old Graham Huck of Doncaster Wheelers. Graham was hit by a car pulling in to a layby a few miles north of the turn.

There were witnesses to the accident in another car and the police have their details. The ambulance and police arrived quickly, and the officer at the scene said the driver has admitted responsibility.

Graham is now in the high dependency ward at Nottingham QMC with a broken pelvis, collar bone, ribs and collapsed lung. He has had two blood transfusions and will have an operation on pelvis today. Will keep you informed but I’m sure we all send Graham the very best and wish him a speedy recovery.

Update 21st July: Graham has now had a successful operation on his pelvis.
Update 31st July: Graham has now been allowed home and starts the long process of recuperation.

The top 5 North Mids members on standard were:

  • 1st Alan Cooke (Peak RC) +13.06
  • 2nd John Smith (Thurcroft CC) +13.04
  • 3rd Martin Bullen (Peterborough CC) +12.34
  • 4th Chris Ledger (Langsett Cycles RT) +11.16
  • 5th Paul Mapletoft (Kiveton Park CC) +10.46

The top two ladies on actual time were:

  • 1st Karen Ledger (Langsett Cycles RT) 57.58
  • 2nd Chris Melia (Sheffec CC) 59.13

Andy Newham (Lincoln Whs) set a new trike group age record for 25m, taking another couple of minutes off his existing one and lowering it to 1-3.35. Well done Andy.

Full results here.


Trevor and the 24 hour....

Posted 20th July 2015

Trevor Mayne (Birdwell Whs) will probably be asleep as this goes out but HUGE congratulations to him for completing his first 24 hour. Trev clocked an amazing 453.38m, breaking Christine Minto’s 45 year old club record by 25 miles and coming 3rd on standard. Trev was only about 10 miles off Graham Barker’s group age record of 465.25 miles. Fantastic effort – we are all proud of you!

Photos here


Selby 10 / YCF 10, 18th July

Posted 20th July 2015

Daryl May (Sheffrec CC) did a 20.48 at the V718 and three group members did the YCF 10 at Hatfield:

  • Bill Seddon (B&DCC) 22.55
  • Alex Deck (right) (Langsett Cycles RT) 23.51 (1st lady)
  • Colin Roberts (Lindsey Roads CC) 27.54
Joe Le Sage

Shaftesbury CC 50, 18th July

Posted 20th July 2015

Joe Le Sage (Rutland CC) rode the Shaftsbury CC 50 on the sometimes-quite-fast E2/50c and finished with a very respectable 1h 54m 17s in what were tough and windy conditions.

Read Tejvan Pettinger's blog post here. There's also a long thread on the TT Forum for anyone who is interested.

Mick Lamb

Sleaford Whs Nev Crane memorial 25, 19th July

Posted 20th July 2015

Two members headed east to the Sleaford Whs 25 on a wet and windy Sunday:

  • Greg Codling (Barton Whs) 58.11
  • Mick Lamb (right) (Kiveton Park CC) 1h 1m 03s

Photos here.

The Veteran

The Veteran July issue

Posted 13th July 2015

Thanks to Jim Burgin for printing the obituaries for Gordon, Barbara, George, Margaret and Gwen. I’d urge you all to read the letter on the last page from the Midlands Group re the Team / Group National Championship TTT competition idea.

Also good to see that my comments re the lack of ladies' prizes in the National Championships have been acknowledged by the Committee. If you have thoughts on this do please get in touch either with me or Jim.

Karen Ledger

Sherwood CC 10, 11th July

Posted 13th July 2015

A good showing in this event on what turned out to be a fast-ish day in breezy conditions. Once again Chris and Karen Ledger showed us all how it's done.

  • Chris Ledger (Langsett Cycles RT) 21.30
  • Paul Mapletoft (Kiveton Park CC) 21.47
  • Richard Sheldrake (Lincoln Whs) 22.04
  • Karen Ledger (Langsett Cycles RT) 22.13 (1st lady)
  • Alex Deck (Langsett Cycles RT) 22.37
  • Chris Duggleby / Graham Barker (tandem) (Rockingham CC) 22.40
  • Steve Scott (Elmsall RC) 23.23
  • Graham Huck (Doncaster Whs) 23.35
  • Wayne Fuller (Rotherham Whs) 24.38
  • Michael Weaver (Rotherham Whs) 24.49
  • Pete Stirk  (Elmsall RC) 24.55
  • Mike Garvey (Bolsover & District CC) 25.53

Full results here.

Alex Deck

Bradfield Hill Climb, 10th July

Posted 13th July 2015

Think I was the only North Mids vet to enter this ridiculous event up Woodfall Lane, in which I finished 5th lady (out of 10), with a fairly hopeless time of 3.23.6. Great event though which may well start to rival Monsal as THE hill climb to ride. Check out this video for a taste of the action and the full results here.

Trhe Veteran

Sheffrec CC SpoCo, 8th July

Posted 13th July 2015

Trevor "I love hills" Mayne (Birdwell Whs), Alan "Never gets any slower" Cooke (Peak RC) and me (Langsett Cycles RT) rode this midweek race that runs between Chesterfield and Owler Bar in windy but favourable conditions. Turned out to be pretty fast and good fun. Trev finished 8th overall with 48.34, Alan was 14th with 49.47 and I brought up the rear with 52.26, but I did have a mechanical which involved stopping and un-jamming my chain.... that's my excuse anyway.

Alan Sides

Team Swift series 7th July

Posted 7th July 2015

An interesting contrast to Saturday's superfast event, just shows what a difference the wind makes!

  • Paul Heggie (61) (Birdwell Whs) 23.22 (pb - hooray!)
  • Steve Scott (56) (Elmsall RC) 23.35
  • Graham Barker (65) (Rockingham CC) 24.18
  • Wayne Fuller (70) (Rotherham Whs) 24.23
  • Mike Garvey (74) (B&DCC) 25.09
  • Alan Sides (70-right) (Rotherham Whs) 27.49 - Happy birthday Alan - 71 today!

Weekend results 4th/5th July

Posted 7th July 2015
Rich Robinson

City RC 10 (V718)

Practically everyone who rode this even pb'd. Not jealous at all. Mick Allen set a new North Mids AND National age record for age 68, taking 14s off Terry Icke's current one - brilliant effort Mick.

  • Rich Robinson (right) 19.33 (pb)
  • John Martin (Elmsall Road Club) 20.26 (pb)
  • Bill Seddon 20.31
  • Mick Allen (MI Racing) 20.33
  • Photos here.
Alex Deck

Dronfield Fusion 10

No pb's at Hatfield Woodhouse (surprise) which didn't let us down with a lovely strong cross headwind on the outward leg making it tough going. This was the seventh event in the JE James TT series single carriageway competiton.

  • Greg Codling (Barton Whs) 23.31
  • Mark Booth (Kiveton Park CC) 24.09
  • Mick Lamb (Kiveton Park CC) 24.10
  • Alex Deck (Langsett Cycles RT) 24.38 (1st lady)
  • Steve Scott (Elmsall RC)25.49
  • Tony Keyworth (Kiveton Park CC) 25.36
  • John Smith (Thurcroft CC) 26.43 (1st V70)
  • Mike Garvey (B&DCC) 28.27
  • Al Norton (Mapperley CC) time tbc
Chris Melia

Belper BC 25

An outstanding pb and a second North Mids age record for 51yr old Chris Melia in this event - well done Chris!

  • Trevor Mayne (Birdwell Whs) 51.55
  • Daryl May (Sheffrec CC) 54.41
  • John Martin (Elmsall Road Club) 56.02
  • Chris Melia (Sheffrec CC) 57.28 (pb)
  • Full results

Birdwell Whs HC

Trevor Mayne and Alex Deck, undeterred by racing in the afternoon, went up to Wentworth Castle for the Birdwell Whs hill climb, organised by Paul Heggie. Unable to fit two bike sin his car, Trevor had to ride his TT bike, which meant it's the only time I will ever beat him on a climb!

  • Alex Deck (Langsett Cycles RT) 1.25.6
  • Trevor Mayne (Birdwell Whs) 1.42.4
  • Full results
  • Photos
Andy Newham

National 100 / Stockton Whs 100

Steve Cook (Lindsey Roads CC) did 03h 52m 38s in the Stockton Whs event (pb - well done Steve!) - Full results here.

Weekend results 27th/28th June

Posted 29th June 2015
Chris Melia


This event saw THREE new group age records: Karen Ledger (42) (1hr 55m 58s), Chris Melia (51-right)(2hr 00m 32s) and Andy Newham (42 - trike) (2hr 09m 19s), TWO new club records (Trevor Mayne and Andy Newham) and TWO pb’s for Chris Ledger(1hr 51m 20s), Trevor Mayne (1hr 48m 17s). A pretty good haul for the group!

Alan Cook, Daryl May, Steve Cook, Bill Seddon and Alex Deck also rode and finished with 1hr 50m 34s, 1hr 52m 52s, 1hr 55m38s and 1hr 56m 25s and 2hr 01m 25s respectively.

Karen Ledger

What made Karen's ride even more special was that she finally managed to break Margaret Allen's age record for a 50 at age 42, which has stood since 1987. Karen took 13s off Margaret's time of 1hr 55m 11s.

Photos here.
Paul Heggie

Otley CC 50 / API-Metrow 25

Another pb and club age record, this time for Paul Heggie (Birdwell Whs - right), who finished with a 2hr 06m 46s in the Otley Cc 50.

John Martin (Elmsall Road Club) went south east to Newmarket for the API-Metrow 25 and finished with 54.32.

Weekend results 20th/21st June

Posted 22nd June 2015
Karen Ledger

Walsall CC 25

This event saw pb’s for Chris (51.48) & Karen (55.33) Ledger and me (56.47) (all Langsett Cycles RT) as well as 1st lady (Karen) 2nd lady (me) and two group age records (Chris, age 53 and me, age 47). It was a brilliant day for many, the top 10 were all under 50 minutes which is pretty amazing.

Full results.

Paul Heggie

Yorkshire RC 25

  • John Martin (53)(Sth Elmsall SCC) 58.05
  • Paul Heggie (61)(Birdwell Whs) 1.00.14 (pb – well done Paul!)
  • Steve Scott (56)(Elmsall RC) 1.03.57
  • Anthony Mcnamara (56)(Rockingham CC) 1.04.29
  • Wayne Fuller (70)(Rotherham Whs) 1.04.52
  • John Smith (77)(Thurcroft CC) 1.06.25

Full results.

Joe Le Sage

ECCA 100

Joe Le Sage (42)(Rutland CC) also did a pb of 4.10.02 at the ECCA 100, in very windy conditions. The event was won by Tejvan Pettinger in 3.41.45 (!), 7.5mins down on his winning time last year.

Greg Codling

Lindsey Roads 10 / Hartlepool CC 10

A cat B win and 8th overall for Greg Codling (48)(right)(Barton Whs) at the Lindsey Roads 10 with a 21.56, good ride Greg.

Richard Barnes (41)(Barnsley RC) did his first open of the season at the Hartlepool 10 on the T102/1. Quite windy and a few steep drags and tricky junction turn but Richard managed 25.51 – not great but not bad as he'd not really trained for quite a few months: "Tough but loved every minute and can't wait to start doing a few more…!"

Mick Lamb

Spalding CC 25

Mick Lamb (46)(Kiveton Park) was 13th overall with 1.04.17 despite riding a road bike and not feeling too good, so well done Mick.

Full results.

Weekend results 13th/14th June

Posted 15th June 2015
Karen Ledger

Fantastic 50s

Three brilliant results - Karen Ledger (42)(Langsett Cycles RT) got 14th place overall and won the Vet A age category in the National 50 yesterday, with 2h 04m 39s - despite taking a wrong turn at a roundabout! Full results.

Joe Le Sage (42) (Rutland CC) rode the VTTA (East Anglia) 50 on Saturday on a very wet E2. Very still conditions resulted in a 1h 51m 21s, a 6 minute pb - how awesome is that! Well done Joe. Not so lucky, Steve Cook punctured at 37 miles and had a bit of a walk in the rain. Bad luck Steve :(

Bill Seddon (48)(B&DCC) rode the LRRA 50 on the C50/2 in horrible conditions but still managed 50m 4s for 16th overall - dread to think what he'll do on a good day. Well done Bill. Full results.

Steve Scott

City RC 10

  • Daryl May (41) (Sheffrec CC) 21.09
  • John Martin (53) (Sth Elmsall SCC) 21.27
  • Steve Scott (56-right)(Elmsall RC) 23.39 (New club team record)
  • Peter Stirk (70)(Elmsall RC) 24.26

Full results.

Tony Keyworth

YCF 15

I managed about 250m before puncturing at this event so very envious of everyone who rode :-(

  • Tony Keyworth (68-right) (Kiveton Park) 35.37 (age record)
  • Wayne Fuller (70)(Rotherham Whs) 36.05 (age record)
  • Pete Stirk (70) (Upton CC) 39.04 (age record)
  • John Smith (77) (Thurcroft CC) 39.08 (age record)
  • Alan Sides (70) (Rotherham Whs) 41.53

Huge congratulations to Tony, Wayne and John on their age records, no fun in that rain. Photos here.

Greg Codling

Team Axiom 25

Greg Codling (48)(Barton Whs) ventured down south for the Team Axiom 25 on the P885/25 in Hampshire, and finished with 56m 54s. Full results.

Martin Bullen

Mercia CC 25

Martin Bullen (62) (Peterborough CC) rode this event to revisit a course (the K16) he last rode in 1979 as a fresh faced 27 year old. Despite claiming not to be that fit Martin managed 58m 59s in only his second event of the year.

B&District CC SpoCo

Daryl May Posted 12th June 2015

Daryl May (Sheffrec CC) and Alex Deck (Langsett Cycles RT) entered the B&DCC 13m Peak District hilly event on Wednesday evening, the first in the North Midlands TT series SpoCo competition. A tough event, Daryl got 11th overall with 35.50 and Alex was fastest lady with 39.26.

Reviews from Langsett Cycles RT here.

V718 results in more pb's

Steve Cook Posted 10th June 2015

Steve Cook (Lindsey Roads Club) and Greg Codling (Barton Whs) returned to the V718 last night and both recorded PBs - 21.21 (Steve) and 21.09 (Greg) in the CRC 10. This is Greg's first full season of time trialling so he is only going to get better. Congratulations both!

Barbara Scott

Barbara Scott 1934 - 2015

Posted 9th June 2015

Just returned from Barbara's funeral - nice to see a few North Mids faces there. Some lovely photos of Barbara on display which I'll try to post shortly.

Weekend results 6th/7th June

Posted 9th June 2015

Group 25

As many of you already know, our 25 on the A25/25 had to be cancelled because of dangerously high winds. Pauline Wallis, the organiser, said: “It was sad to have to cancel and the decision was not taken lightly; quite a few riders, after going for a warm up gave their numbers back and said they'd not ride as the wind was so strong, so I got a weather forecast and the winds were gusting to 35 mph - too dangerous as a lot of the course has open stretches".

The event won't be re-run and Pauline will be offering refunds or sending a charity donation to the Air Ambulance.

Steve Scott

Drighlington 10 on the V718

  • John Hanson (Elmsall RC) 22.09 (V40)
  • Steve Scott (right) (Elmsall RC) 24.14 (V50)
  • Peter Stirk (Elmsall RC) 24.49 (V70)

Geoff Hague (75) also rode the event and, in his own words, "finished in a whacking 27.03, so if that's what I can do on the V718 it makes me wonder what I would have done in the Matlock 10!! Excuses were - very windy, headwind on return leg, first event I've finished this year, getting too old for this". Nice one Geoff. I think that’s a pretty good time all things considered!

Results | Photos


North Mids TT champs

This took place on a very windy circuit just outside Hemsworth, and kudos to everyone who rode because it wasn’t particularly pleasant. Good showing from the group and some very fast rides considering, especially Trevor who got under 40 mins on top of organising the entire thing and running around like a headless chicken for much of it. Good work Trev.

  • Trevor Mayne 39.39 (right)(5th overall)
  • Daryl May 40.15
  • Alan Cooke 40.47
  • Ady Dench 41.09
  • Michael Dodson 41.15
  • Alex Deck 43.46 (1st lady)
  • Graham Huck 46.52

Full results here.

Greg Codling

Greg Codling (Barton Whs) rode the Witham Wheelers 10 on Saturday and came 8th with 23.09. Well done Greg.

Weekend results 30/31st May

Posted 1st June 2015
Alex Deck

Two big events this weekend, the VTTA National 10 champs on the V718 and the National Team Time Trial champs on the AS/20 We had nine riders competing in the VTTA event (I think – sorry if I’ve missed you) with some really good results on what was a far from ideal day:

  • Trevor Mayne (Birdwell Whs) 20.30
  • Alan Cooke (Peak RC) 20.50
  • John Martin (Elmsall Road Club) 21.14
  • Alex Deck (Langsett Cycles RT) 22.13 (4th lady - new group age record)
  • Andrew Ziemacki (Rotherham Whs) 22.53
  • Tony Keyworth (Kiveton Park CC) 23.15
  • Graham Huck (Doncaster Whs) 23.16
  • Peter Stirk (Elmsall RC) 24.29
  • John Smith (Thurcroft CC) 25.11
Bill Seddon

Michael Dodson and Bill Seddon (Bolsover & District CC) went for the TTT option with and recorded a very good 1hr 11m 40s over the 30m course. Well done guys. Brian Hall was on duty with his camera and took some wonderful pics (like this one) – check out his FB page if you haven’t already.

Photos here

Daryl May

Daryl May (right)(Sheffrec CC), Greg Codling (Barton Whs) and Paul Heggie (Birdwell Whs) raced in the Scunthorpe RC 25 on a very windy and wet A180 out of Grimsby. Daryl maintained his current form coming 6th (despite taking the wrong road at the turn) with 56m 52s. Greg finished with 57m 42s on what was his first 25 ever, so a great result there. Paul Heggie did a 1hr 2m 35s - his fourth fastest 25.

Chris Melia

As if doing a 20.50 in the VTTA 10 wasn't enough for one weekend, Alan Cooke (Peak RC) rode the Notts Clarion 50 on the A50/5 the following day in what I hear was very unpleasant conditions, making his 1hr 57m 50s even more impressive. Good work Alan! New member Chris Melia (right)(Sheffrec CC) was fastest lady with 2h 09m 30s in her first 50, well done Chris - a group age record! Joe Le Sage (Rutland CC) finished with 2hr 5m 52s, despite riding the entire thing with his back brake rubbing.

Bank Holiday weekend results

Posted 27th May 2015

Peter Stirk (Elmsall RC), Gary Bates and Richard Hembrough (both Team Swift) all rode the Team Swift series at the weekend, clocking 24m 40s, 22.20 and 23.02 respectively. Good times guys. John Hanson (Elmsall RC) also rode a 10 and finished with 24m 41s in the BBM event.

alan Sides

23rd May - Holme Valley Wheelers 25

  • Ady Dench (Sheffrec CC) - 58m 38s (V40)
  • John Martin (Elmsall RC) - 59m 28s (V50)
  • Paul Heggie (Birdwell Whs) - 1hr 4m 33s (V60)
  • Steve Scott (Elmsall RC) (competing in his first 25 since 1982) - 1hr 6m 38s (V50)
  • Alan Sides (right)(Rotherham Whs) - 1hr 22m 14s (V70)

25th May - Anfield BC 100 inc VTTA National Championship

  • Trevor Mayne (Birdwell Whs) - 4h 5m 22s (V51). Fantastic ride by Trev for 8th overall and 6th on standard with +52.17.
  • Steve Cook (Lindsey Roads CC) - 4hr 16m 45s, 19th overall

Photos here

Weekend results 16th May

Posted 18th May 2015 Bill Seddon

Two main events at the weekend - the Sheffrec CC 25 at Hatfield Woodhouse and the City RC 10 on the V718 course. Hatfield first:

  • Trevor Mayne (Birdwell Wheelers) was even faster than last week with 56m 15s - 8th overall again
  • Daryl May (Sheffrec CC) was a bit slower with 57m 56s - 14th overall
  • Bill Seddon (right) (Bolsover & District CC) 15th overall with 58m 29s
  • Paul Mapletoft (Kiveton Park CC) 1hr 1m 5s
  • Mark Booth (Kiveton Park CC) V40 1hr 3m 4s
  • Mick Lamb (Kiveton Park CC) 1hr 3m 9s (Happy birthday Mick!)
  • Tony Keyworth (Kiveton Park CC) 1hr 4m 25s - 1st V60
  • John Smith (Thurcroft Whs) 1hr 9m 38s - 2nd V60
Chris Ledger

The City RC (Hull) 10 on the V718 attracted a vast crowd due to the appearance of Bradley Wiggins which made the event a bit more exciting than usual. Frustratingly, a monster headwind meant no super fast times. A good showing by the North Mids vets tho:

  • Chris Ledger (right)(Langsett Cycles RT) 12th overall with a new pb 21m 16s
  • Steve Cook (Lindsey Roads CC) was 1s over his pb with 21m 50s
  • Karen Ledger (Langsett Cycles RT) 22m 30s (2nd lady)
  • John Hanson (Elmsall RC) 22m 32s
  • Alex Deck (Langsett Cycles RT) 23m 25s (5th lady)
  • Paul Heggie (Birdwell Wheelers) 23m 36s
  • Anthony McNamara (Rockingham Whs) 24m 18s
  • Peter Stirk (Elmsall RC) 24m 18s
  • Steve Scott (Elmsall RC) 24m 51s
  • Mike Garvey (Bolsover & District CC) 26m 09s

Photos here

Greg Codling

Weekend results 9/10th May

Posted 11th May 2015

It’s been a good weekend for VTTA North Mids, with wins for Alex Deck at the Rossington Wheelers 10 at Hatfield, a great 2nd place for Karen Ledger (Langsett Cycles RT) and an age cat (50-54) win for Trevor Mayne (Birdwell Whs) at the South Pennine RC at Etwall.

Bill Seddon (Bolsover & District CC) and Chris Ledger (Langsett Cycles RT) were also down at Etwall. Also spotted battling the wind at Hatfield were John Slater (Doncaster Whs) and John Smith (Thurcroft Whs) whilst Mick Lamb, Tony Keyworth and Mark Booth (all Kiveton Park) and Greg Codling (pictured) competed in the Barton Wheelers 10 and did really well, Greg getting 10th place.

Steve Cook

John Martin (Elmsall RC) competed in the Drighlington BC 25 and finished with a very good 56m 49s. Well done all.

Steve Cook (right)(Lindsey Roads CC) pb’d in the Stockton Wheelers 50 with 1hr 54m 59s. Already two pb's this year Steve - well done.

Andy Newham

New trike age record

Posted 29th April 2015

Andy Newham (Lincoln Whs CC) continues his three wheeled assault on the group records with another trike age record, this time for a 25: 1hr 5m 28s at age 42, set at the VTTA Nottingham and East Midlands event last weekend. Well done Andy. Check the records page for more group records.

Weekend results 25/26th April

Posted 27th April 2015 Trevor Mayne

Lots of action over the weekend - the wet and windy Birdwell Wheelers 25 at Hatfield Woodhouse saw a(nother) win for Karen Ledger (Langsett Cycles RT), and several placings for the men:

  • Trevor Mayne (right - Birdwell Wheelers) - 56m 39s - 8th overall and fastest vet 50-59
  • Daryl May (Sheffrec CC) - 56m 52s - 12th overall
  • Chris Ledger (Langsett Cycles RT) - 57m 35s - 13th overall
  • Karen Ledger (Langsett Cycles RT) - 1h 2m 29s - 31st overall and fastest woman
  • Paul Heggie (Birdwell Wheelers) - 1h 7m 6s - 44th overall and fastest vet 60+
Daryl May

Daryl (right) also raced on Sunday in the third round of the RTTC Classic series in the tough Beacon RCC Little Mountain TT and got 7th vet, an excellent result. Photos here.

Steve Cook

Steve Cook (Lindsey Roads CC) managed 22m 1s in the YCF 10 on the V718 on Saturday before the event was cancelled due to the dangerously wet conditions.

Steve followed that on Sunday with a 5 sec pb of 56m 38s ride on the Ogmore Valley Wheelers R25/3H event in South Wales

Joe Le Sage

Joe Le Sage (Rutland CC) rode the Derek Smith memorial RR on Saturday at Greetland near Halifax and got 2nd in the A/B race, after spending the majority of the race in a break of 2 trying to catch a lone leader – time trialling skills coming into play there!

On Sunday Joe raced the Teesdale MTT near Barnard Castle and got 13th with 2h 2m 43s. It would have been considerably faster had he not stopped to check rider Carl Donaldson was ok after he came flying past then came off on the next bend.

Chris Ledger

BDCA 25, 11th April

Posted 13th April 2015

There was a monster headwind on the outward leg of the BDCA 25 at Etwall on Saturday, but this didn't stop Chris Ledger (pictured) getting a pb of 54m 29s, 6s up on his previous! Well done Chris. Mrs Ledger stormed to victory in the women's event, winning by over two minutes and the only women to gounder the hour. Well done too to members Alan Cooke (55m 03s), Joe Le Sage (56m 55s), Steve Hollowood (57m 15s) and Paul Mapletoft (57m 29s). Photos here.

Daryl May

Buxon MTT, Good Friday

Posted 9th April 2015

Kudos to all who competed in the legendary Buxton MTT on Good Friday, round 2 of the RTTC Classic series - conditions were fairly tough even by Peak District standards, and a steady rainfall and cool temperature made for unpleasant riding. Daryl May (Sheffrec CC) finished the Vets event in an excellent 6th place in 1hr 2m 56s, with Joe Le Sage (Rutland CC) in 7th (1hr 3m 14s) and Paul Heggie (Birdwell Whs) in 34th (1hr 22m 27s). There's a short video of the event here, a review and results on Velo UK, and some good photos by Kimroy too - he took this one of Daryl.

The Veteran

The Veteran

Posted 8th April 2015

You will hopefully have received your copy of The Veteran together with the 2015 Handbook - gripping reads both. We would like to include an obituary for Gordon in the next issue, and for this I need your help. If you have any particular memories of Gordon, from any period, do let me know and I will include them. Photos would be even better.

Greg Codling

Race reports

Posted 31st March 2015

Big vets turnout in the Team Swift 10 at the weekend, probably due to the fact that it was on the V718. From all reports conditions were tough. John Martin finished in 57th place with a decent time of 22m 43s, and Greg Codling (right - Barton Whs), in his first ever open event finished in 22m 02s. Well done guys! Photos here.

Pete McNally rode the 34m Velo 99 Handicap Road Race at Car Colston, Notts, and finished a very respectable 14th. Pete has now ridden 500 races of one type or another - good going Pete! Hope you make it to 1000.

Harworth and District CC 1951

Rider feature

Posted 24th Feb 2015

Many thanks to John Scully for this interesting little piece on the Harworth and District CC in the early 50s.



Posted 25th March 2015

Sorry for the delay in getting this news item up - been away in Majorca.

Thanks so much to everyone who pitched in and helped out at the event. Karen Ledger (Langsett Cycles RT) kicked off her season with a win on standard with a plus of 2m 31s. As fastest North Midlands member on standard she also walked away with the Ron Blythe trophy - well done Karen! The course had to be reduced in length to 10.573k due to roadworks at Blythe. Full results here.

Iain McColl

New Group Secretary

Posted 18th Feb 2015

We have a new Secretary! Many thanks to Iain McColl for volunteering. Iain rides for Planet X and has worked there since 2008.

VTTA logo


Posted 3rd Feb 2015

It was the VTTA National AGM and prizegiving at the weekend and your intrepid delegates (John Slater and Alex Deck) travelled down to Alcester to sample the delights of the free buffet and participate in the heated debate.

The agenda was (roughly) as follows:

Brambleby Cup
  • Prizegiving – We were very pleased to receive a certificate on behalf of Karen Ledger, who won the Brambleby cup (right) for the Ladies’ three distance competition. Congratulations Karen!
  • Officers’ reports
  • Programme of championship events
  • Amendments to the constitution
  • Election of Officers for 2015
  • AoB – a proposal to replace the present Club team competition with a Group team comp. This would help raise the profile of the Groups and promote more of a team ethos, which can only be a good thing.

It was good to vote Carole Gandy in as the new President - sure she will do a great job.


Committee Meeting

Posted 21st Jan 2015

Last night's committee meeting looked at:

  • The proposals listed in the agenda for the forthcoming National VTTA AGM (we agreed with them all)
  • The job description for the role of Group Secretary
  • This year's group events

John Slater and Alex Deck will be our Group delegates for the National AGM on the 31st January.