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Posted 18th Dec 2014

The main business was to elect the officials for 2015. These were confirmed as:

  • Chairman - Phil Morgan
  • Secretary - To be temporarily filled by Phil Morgan and Alex Deck until a permanent volunteer can be found
  • Recorder - Phil Morgan
  • Treasurer - Barbara Scott
  • Social Secretary - Alan Sides
  • Medals Secretary - Barbara Scott
  • Web and Press Secretary - Alex Deck

Awards and certificates

It was agreed that henceforth we'd only give out certificates for the top 5 places in all our competitions, instead of awarding them to all who took part. This will save time and money.

Etwall > Uttoxeter course

Bad news for Midlands riders chasing PBs - the A25/11 Etwall Uttoxeter course will be unavailable for at least 4 years whilst major roadworks (The A50 Growth Corridor project) take place. More info here. There is debate about whether it will be approved for racing again.

Gordon and Barbara

Gordon and Barbara Scott's Diamond Wedding Anniversary

Posted 18th Dec 2014

Our wonderful and valued Secretary (Gordon) and Treasurer / Medals Secretary (Barbara) are celebrating their diamond wedding anniversary today and would like to thank everyone who has sent cards and good wishes. The amount of work they put in cannot be overestimated - the group would probably fall apart without them. Congratulations you two!


2014 Prizegiving lunch

Posted 2nd Dec 2014

Thankyou to everyone who showed up at the prizegiving lunch yesterday, the photos are now on the Galleries page. I have the certificates and medals for the following: David Cook, John Gadie, Alan Steward, Gary Bates, Mick Allen, Tim Fearn, Bob Waterhouse, Ben Hamilton, Gary Kondor, John Mould, Richard Barnes and Bob Mason.

if you could get in touch to collect, or send me an sae, that'd be great.

Alex Deck

JE James Time Trial Series Prizegiving

Posted 2nd Dec 2014

The JE James TT series prizegiving ceremony took place yesterday and members Alex Deck and Karen Ledger both took away awards.

Full results here.

VTTA logo

National age records

Posted 19th Nov 2014

Just been informed that the following National age records for 15 miles have been confirmed by the VTTA:

  • Alex Deck (46) - 34m 10s
  • Tony Keyworth (67) -34m 22s
  • John Smith (76) - 39m 14s

How cool is that (bit embarrassed that Tony's time is only 12s slower than mine!). I suspect all these were set at the same event, the Yorkshire Cycling Federation 15 on the V728 on 15th June.


Karen Ledger Posted 14th Nov 2014

In case any of you were unaware, top North Midlands member Karen Ledger (42), in her first proper year of time trialling, got 3rd place in the womens BBAR this year. Karen's final qualifying times were:

  • 25 - 56m 17s
  • 50 -1hr 54m 49s
  • 100 - 4hr 2m 48s

Karen LedgerThis is an average speed of 25.830mph, which I'm sure you will agree is pretty fantastic! Karen beat some really talented riders to get to 3rd place, including Bronwyn Ewing, Lynn Hamel, Clarice Chung, Rachel Mellor and Lynne Biddulph.

Karen has recently moved to Langsett Cycles Race Team and is really looking forward to next year, when we fully expect her to do even better (no pressure Karen).

2014 prize winners!

Posted 30th Oct 2014

So here we go - the 2014 VTTA North Midlands prizewinners. I have to say, with the Group's only two women members claiming 6 of the 11 trophies on offer Karen and I feel very proud :-) Well done to the men too!! Congratulations to everyone who rode, looking forward to a great prizegiving do on the 30th.

Ethel Scothern Cup - Group BAR 25, 50, 100 & 12 hour - Steve Cook
Colin Bell Cup - Group Middle Distance BAR 10, 25, 50 & 100m – Karen Ledger
Meersbrook Trophy - Group Short Distance BAR 10, 25 & 50m – Alex Deck
Susie Denham Cup - Ladies BAR 10, 25 & 50m – Alex Deck

Brian Beardsley Memorial Cup - 12 hour - Graham Barker
Unity Cup - 100m - Karen Ledger
Sid Sharman Cup - 50m - Karen Ledger

Watson Trophy - Prestige Points Competition – Trevor Mayne
Ron Blythe Trophy - 18k – Andy Newham
Sheffield Central Cup - Both 25m events combined – John Smith
Cleethorpes Shield - 10m – Karen Ledger


Barrie Crowther

Barrie Crowther

Posted 3rd Nov 2014

We are really saddened to hear of the death yesterday of group member Barrie Crowther, who we believe had a heart attack whilst out riding near Shillito Woods, off the Sheffield to Baslow road yesterday. Our sympathies go out to Janet his wife. Barrie has been a member since 2000 and was 63. The funeral was at Hutcliffe Wood Crematorium on Friday 14th November at 3.30pm.

Paul Heggie

National Hill Climb Championships

Posted 30th Oct 2014

Paul Heggie (Birdwell Whs) and Alex Deck (Langsett Cycles) braved the horrors of Pea Royd Lane on Sunday and lived to tell the tale (just). We both recorded pb’s, Paul finishing in 6m 15.9s and me with 5m 33.2s. All I can say about that is – never again!

Graham Barker and Chris Duggleby

New tandem group age record

Posted 30th Oct 2014

A new group tandem 10m record of 21m 18s has just been confirmed for Graham Barker (64) and Chris Duggleby (59), set on 31st May 2014 on the V718 – well done guys, you seem to be getting faster and faster. Check out all our group tandem records here.

Joe Le Sage

Beeley Moor HC, 19th October 2014

Posted 20th Oct 2014

Proving that you’re never too old to climb a hill, there were four vets in the top 10 at Beeley which is pretty impressive. Joe Le Sage (right) got under the magic 10 minute mark with 9.41.1, whilst Trevor Mayne clocked 10.53.6, Alex Deck 11.52.7 and Paul Heggie 13.08.8. Well done all. Some great photos by Robert Scriven here.

The Veteran

The Veteran

Posted 14th Oct 2014

The latest issue of the Veteran magazine is out, featuring Committee and regional reports and obituaries. Enjoy.

Mam Nick

Mam Nick HC, 11th October 2014

Posted 14th Oct 2014

Group members Joe le Sage (Rutland CC) and Daryl May (Sheffrec CC) entered the gruelling Rutland CC event. Good conditions resulted in some fast times, with Joe setting a new vets course record with 7m 16.3s, beating Darren Otter's 7m 20s from last year. Joe was 1st vet and 9th overall. Daryl was 2nd vet with an excellent 7m 34s. New overall and women's course records were also set. Full results here.

Keith Ainsworth

Monsal Head HC, 5th October 2014

Posted 14th Oct 2014

Keith Ainsworth (Sheffrec CC) and Paul Heggie (Birdwell Whs) were crazy enough to enter this, and recorded 1m 50s.1 and 2m 37s.1 respectively. Well done guys - I know how painful that one is!

Karen Ledger

VTTA North Midlands 10, 4th October 2014

Posted 14th Oct 2014

Some fast times, including a new women's course record, were recorded at our last event of the season. A good turnout of 67 riders including lots of members: Trevor Mayne (20m 55s), Daryl May (21m 02s), Paul Mapletoft (21m 39s), Karen Ledger (21m 41s (new CR - so fast the photo is a blur!)), Martin Bullen (22m 17s), Wayne Fuller (24m 06s), Mike Garvey (24m 47s), John Smith (24m 41s), Alan Sides (26m 14s) and Geoff Hague (27m inc 30s late start penalty).

Mike Garvey

A particular well done to Mike Garvey, who says of his time: "The last time I was inside 25.00 for a ten was in July 1966 on my 531 tubing steel road bike with all of 5 gears. My lifetime PB was set in June 1964 at 24.10 and I never got on any of the fast dual carriageways in those days. So, here I am, at age 73, only 37 seconds shy of that time. Major incentive for my winter training as I am really going all out now to try to set a new lifetime PB next year". Inspiring stuff.

Thanks to Iain McColl for organising. Full results here.

Weekend report 27th/28th September

Posted 29nd Sept 2014
Karen Ledger

Manchester Wheelers 50

PB's all round at this event, with star rider Karen Ledger (WCS) achieving her second North Midlands age record with a fantastic 1h 54m 49s on the Blythe Bridge - Etwall - Blythe Bridge course on Saturday, cementing (I think) her bronze medal in the BBAR tables. What a brilliant result for Karen's first year of proper racing. Husband Chris also pb'd with 1h 49m 3s, as did Daryl May (Sheffrec CC) with 1h 51m 51s and Paul Mapletoft (Kiveton Park CC) with 1h 52m 12s. Fantastic rides all, what a great way to end the season.

Alex Deck

Stocksbridge CC Pea Royd Lane HC

At the other end of the distance spectrum was the 1000yd horror of Pea Royd Lane. I was dreading this event and was on the verge of quitting half way up but glad I forced myself on - managed to get 3rd amongst a classy field of women with 3m 38.03s. The first 5 ladies all broke the existing course record! Full results here.

Keith Ainsworth

LVRC National TT Championship, Tapton, Warwickshire

Keith Ainsworth (Sheffrec CC) won silver in the LVRC National TT Champs. Keith finished the tough hilly 19m course in 45m 54s, a minute behind his age group nemesis Jim Moffatt. Well done Keith! Full results here.


Committee meeting: Tuesday 23rd September, 7.30pm, Maltby

Posted 24th Sept 2014

The Committee met last night and discussed, amongst other things, the possibility of an inter group competition and the Prizegiving luncheon. More details to follow, but put Sunday 30th November in your diaries for the lunch.

Weekend report 20th/21st September

Posted 22nd Sept 2014
Joe Le Sage

Weaver Valley CC Cat & Fiddle HC

Joe Le Sage (Rutland CC) was 2nd in 40-49 category at Weaver Valley HC (Cat & Fiddle) on Sunday with 22m 32s, only 6s slower than category winner Jon Waddilove. Good ride Joe.

Alex Deck

Bolsover & District CC Hardwick Hall HC

Think I was the only group member competing in this event; it was going to be floodlit, but the lighting rigs were too heavy to get up the climb so the route was illuminated by car headlights! This meant the sections in between were pitch black, as you can see in the photos. I was very pleased to get 2nd lady with 2m 07s, behind professional athlete Lou Collins, who finished with an amazing 1m 56s. Very eerie pedalling around Hardwick Hall at night.

Paul Heggie

VTTA Notts & East Midlands 25

Ten North Mids riders rode this event on the A25/32, with the following results - well done guys, those final 25's are always tough.

  • Keith Ainsworth (Sheffrec CC) 54m 56s
  • Paul Mapletoft (Kiveton Park CC) 56m 50s
  • Richard Sheldrake (Lincoln Whs) 57m 37s
  • Martin Bullen (Peterborough CC) 58m 44s
  • Gary Kondor (Sherwood Pines CC) 59m 53s
  • Tony Keyworth (Kiveton Park CC) 1hr 01m 28s
  • Paul Heggie (Birdwell Whs) 1hr 04m 09s
  • Wayne Fuller (Rotherham Whs) 1hr 06m 12s
  • Alan Sides (Rotherham Whs) 1hr 12m 55s
  • Robin Maclagan (VTTA North Mids) 1hr 13m 11s

Gwen and George Morris

Posted 16th Sept 2014

Life member George Morris' wife Gwen is currently in hospital - the group send their very best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Weekend report 13th/14th September

Posted 16th Sept 2014
Chris Ledger

Stone Whs 25

Some really impressive times at the Stone Whs 25 on the J5/8; Chris Ledger 54m 36s (39th overall); Paul Mapletoft 54m 56s; and Karen Ledger 3rd lady with 56m 17s (new pb! Well done Karen). Fast day.

Alex Deck

Team Swift 10

Last race on the V718 this year produced fast times for Alex Deck (Langsett Cycles RT) and Martin Bullen (Peterborough Whs), with 21m 42s and 22m 04s (a new pb!) respectively. Check out the TWG photos here.

Richard Sheldrake

Yorkshire RC 50

Richard Sheldrake (Lincoln Whs) (right) opted for the Yorkshire RC 50 on the V259/1 and was rewarded by a 6m 37s pb - first time under 2hrs with 1hr 59m 21s. Great way to end the season Richard! Our group Social Secretary Alan Sides (Rotherham Whs) also rode the event and finished with a 2h 35m 11s.

Martin Bullen

Port Talbot Whs 25, 7th September

Posted 11th Sept 2014

This legendarily fast 25 course in Wales, the R25/3L, didn't disappoint for those that made the trip south last weekend. Martin Bullen (Peterborough CC) clocked up 56m 32s, "despite feeling ropey for the first 6 or 7 miles". Good ride Martin.

Keith Ainsworth

Doncaster Whs 25, 6th September

Posted 15th Sept 2014

Several members rode the last event in the JE James TT series, the Donny Whs 25 at Hatfield Woodhouse. Keith Ainsworth (Sheffrec CC), Trevor Mayne (Birdwell Whs), Daryl May (Sheffrec CC) and Paul Mapletoft (Kiveton Park CC). Keith recorded a storming ride of 55m 31s for 4th place, absolutely brilliant ride on that horrible course Keith! This ride together with Daryl's 58m 11s was good enough for Sheffrec to scoop the team prize. Trevor Mayne wasn't far behind with 56m 47s and 9th overall. Full results here

Karen Ledger

New 100 age record for Karen Ledger

Posted 9th Sept 2014

Karen set a new Group age record for a 41 yr old woman last Saturday at the BDCA 100 with a fantastic ride of 4hr 02m 48s. And as if that wasn't enough, Karen is now in 3rd place in the womens BBAR, ahead of some really classy riders - what a fantastic achievement. Congratulations Karen!


Death of Cliff Grant, VTTA National Treasurer

Posted 3rd Sept 2014

We are sorry to hear of the death of the VTTA National Treasurer, Cliff Grant, who passed away on September 1st.


RTTC National 10m Championship (men), 31st August

Posted 1st Sept 2014

Keith Ainsworth (55) did a fantastic 20m 04s yesterday to get 2nd in his age group at the National 10. Brilliant ride Keith! Some ridiculously fast times were posted by the men - to think the entire top 20 were under 19m... madness.

Alex Deck

Snake Pass Hill Climb, 31st August

Posted 1st Sept 2014

I made the mistake of entering the Snake Pass Hill climb the day after the Rutland 10....let's just say I won't be doing that again in a hurry.

Karen Ledger

RTTC National 10m Championship (women), 30th August

Posted 1st Sept 2014

Karen Ledger entered the National 10 on the K33/10D down near Stratford upon Avon. It's a good rolling course with a fast descent and a long drag up a dual carriageway. Karen finished with 23m 25s, and came away with a very creditable 23rd place in a strong field.

Tony Keyworth.jpg

Rutland CC 10, 30th August

Posted 1st Sept 2014

Good turnout at the Rutland CC 10 at Hatfield Woodhouse with a full field of 90, including lots of Group members - Mick Lamb, Alex Deck, Tony Keyworth (pictured), Paul Mapletoft, Geoff Hague, Gary Kondor, Joe le Sage, John Slater, Tony Morris....hope I've not missed anyone out! Strong, gusty winds didn't prevent some good times being recorded with Alex winning the ladies' prize with 23m 44s. The fact that it was Gordon's 82nd birthday made it extra special - it was really great to see him looking well.

Richard Sheldrake

VTTA National 25m Championship, 25th August

Posted 1st Sept 2014

Eric Marsh won the National 25 championship on standard with +22m 11s. Group members Richard Sheldrake (pictured), Stephen Cook and Joe Le Sage came 65th, 71st and 80th on standard with +9m 44s, +9m 05s and +7m 55s respectively. Well done guys. Photos here.

Alex Deck

Team Swift Charity 10, 24th August

Posted 1st Sept 2014

Great turnout at the Team Swift charity event on Bank holiday weekend. The event was split into three races - Slower than 22m, W,J & Overflow, and finally, the big strong men. The first event was cancelled after a rider (Tony Stott?) ran into the back of a stationary car. Karen and Alex both did well in the women's event, with 22m 00s and 22m 11s respectively.

Prestige Points competition 2014

Posted 21st August 2014

Here's how the Prestige Points competition is looking so far. There is one more event to go, the 10 on October 4th.

1 Trevor Mayne Birdwell Whs 20
2= Alan Cooke Matlock CC 17
2= Alex Deck (W) Langsett Cycles RT 17
2= Paul Mapletoft Kiveton Park CC 17
5 John Smith Thurcroft CC 15
6 Keith Ainsworth Sheffrec CC 10
7 David Cook Rockingham CC 9
8 Peter Stirk Upton CC 8
9= Martin Bullen Peterborough CC 7
9= Alan Steward Team Swift 7
11 Mike Garvey VTTA North Midlands 6
12 Gary Bates Team Swift 5
12= Chris Lea Buxton CC 5
14 Michael Weaver Rotherham Whs CC 4
15= Tim Fearn NM VTTA 3
15= Wayne Fuller Rotherham Whs CC 3
15= John Gadie Scunthorpe Poly CC 3
18= Stephen Cook Lindsey Roads CC 2
18= Ben Hamilton Rutland CC 2
18= Gary Kondor Sherwood Pines 2
21= Geoff Hague Rutland CC 1
21= Paul Heggie Birdwell Whs 1
21= Bob Waterhouse Rotherham Whs CC 1

In line with recent seasons, as we do not run a 50, 100, or 12hr you can submit your best plus (not time!) at those distances from any event listed in the CTT handbook and points will be incorporated at the end of the season. You will need to be able to prove it by either sending me a copy of the results sheet or confirming the result is on the CTT website. This must be before the 20th October. I will issue another reminder nearer the time.
Phil Morgan, Group Recorder

Karen Ledger

Kiveton Park CC 25, 16th August

Posted 18th August 2014

Really tough day at Hatfield Woodhouse on Saturday. Despite this some fast times were recorded - Alan Cooke (Matlock CC) got 2nd on standard (9th overall) with 56m 19s / +11m 43s, Chris Ledger 3rd on standard with 58m 10s / +10m 16s, Karen Ledger (WCS) took 2nd lady (5th on standard) with a very good 1-01.42 / +9m 46s, and I got 4th on standard with +9m 49s. The event was part of the JE James TT series. Thanks to Barbara Scott and John Clarke for the results board and timekeeping, and all the Kivo riders who wisely chose to marshall instead of race. (Wish I'd marshalled instead of raced).

Trevor Mayne

VTTA 25 9th August

Posted 11th August 2014

Thanks to John Martin for an excellent, if rather wet and windy, event on Saturday afternoon. Conditions were not ideal and at least two riders suffered punctures and had a long walk to the finish. Gordon and Barbara did a great job as usual with the results board and Brian Hall took some good photos.

Nick Cave won overall with 51.29, with Alex Deck fastest lady with 58-14 and Ron Hallam Best on standard with +18.04. Trevor Mayne was the fastest North Mids rider on standard, with +14-42, followed by Alex Deck (+14.35), Alan Cooke (+14.26) and Martin Bullen (+12.37). Well done all. Results available on the events page.

Alex Deck

Fusion Dronfield CC 10, 2nd August

Posted 4th August 2014

Alex Deck (Langsett Cycles RT) was fastest lady at the Fusion CC 10 at a super windy Hatfield Woodhouse on Saturday, boy was that a tough one! Trevor Mayne got 5th overall with a super speedy 21.59. Great ride Trev. The event was part of the JE James TT series.

Bolsover CC

Bolsover & District hilly TT, 30th July

Posted 31st July 2014

Good turnout from group members in this tough 17.6m event, with Trevor Mayne being the highest placed North Mids vet in 9th place with 46.38 (and first in his age group, despite a mechanical), Alan Cooke 11th with 46.53, Keith Ainsworth 15th with 47.14, Daryl May 16th with 47.31, Joe Le Sage =18th with 47.54, Alex Deck 23rd (1st lady) with 50.11 (course record) and Karen Ledger in 34th (2nd lady) with 55.07. Well done everyone.

Paul Heggie

Melton Olympic RC 25, 26th July

Posted 28th July 2014

Alan Cooke (Matlock CC) was 5th overall at the event on Saturday and won the 50-59 age group with 53.54 - brilliant ride Alan! Paul Heggie (Birdwell Whs) equalled his pb of 1-00.34 - always frustrating when that happens. Next time eh Paul.

Andy Newham

RTTC National Championship 12hr, 27th July

Posted 28th July 2014

Andy Newham (right) (Lincoln Wheelers) and Graham Barker (Rockingham CC) both rode the RTTC 12 hour National Championship on the V12HR, coming in 24th with 235.97m and 30th with 230.09m, fantastic effort guys.

Team Swift 100/50, 27th July

Posted 28th July 2014
Chris Ledger

Chris and Karen Ledger made it a family one - two in the Team Swift 100 on the V370, Chris (Zepnat CC) taking the win with 4-24m 30s and Karen (WCS) coming in 2nd overall (and fastest lady) with 4-31m 08s. Well done both. Their rides were all the more impressive as they'd both ridden the Rossington Wheelers 2up TT the previous day.

Joe Le SageJoe Le Sage (Rutland CC) competed in the 50 on the V350, coming in 4th with 2-07m 19s, well done Joe.

Thanks to Kimroy for the photos.


Karen Ledger

Rossington Wheelers 2-up, 26th July

Posted 28th July 2014

The intrepid Ledgers kicked off their weekend with the Rossington Whs 2-up, coming in 11th (with 56-46) and 15th (with 1-00.31) respectively. Looked like a fast day. Trevor Mayne (Birdwell Whs) clocked an excellent 54-48s with partner Andy Cutts.

The Veteran

The Veteran

Posted 15th July 2014

Almost forgot - the latest issue of The Veteran is out, thanks to Jim Burgin for including the photo of Trev in our report.

Tour de France survey

Posted 11th July 2014

Not really Group related, but Daryl May would really appreciate it if you could all fill in this survey about your Tour experience....

Daryl May

Weekend report: 12th/13th July

Posted 14th July 2014

Trevor Mayne (doesn't that man ever get tired), Daryl May (right) and Alan Cooke did great rides in the YCF 50 and Mercia CC 30 at the weekend. Alan (49) set a new age record for 30m with a superfast 1-02m 17s. Excellent ride Alan. Remember, if you think you've achieved a group age record, let Phil Morgan know so it can be confirmed and I'll add it to the site.

Trevor Mayne

9th July: Sheffrec SpoCo

Posted 10th July 2014

Group members Trevor Mayne (right), Alan Cooke, Daryl May, Joe Le Sage, Alex Deck and Karen Ledger all did great rides on a tough and windy course from Chesterfield to Owler Bar and back to Chesterfield via Baslow roundabout (22m). Thanks to Ady Dench for the photo. Results:

  • =4th Trevor 47m 38s
  • 7th Alan 48m 22s
  • 8th Daryl 48m 40s
  • 17th Joe 51m 14s
  • 1st lady Alex 52m 28s
  • 2nd lady Karen 56m 25s

5/6 July: Etape d'acier HC / Belper BC 25

Daryl MayPosted 7th July 2014

The inaugural Etape d'acier hill climb took place on Friday night. This 800m of pain started at Low Bradfield Post Office and wound its way up via a solid stretch of 20% to the Old Horns pub at High Bradfield. Alex Deck took 2nd lady with a time of 3m 24, and first year vet Daryl May (right) finished with a great time of 2m 44s, worth all the pain eh Daryl.

Posted 7th July 2014

Karen Ledger (41) and Alex Deck (46) were both surprised to achieve 1st and 3rd in the Belper BC 25 at Etwall on Saturday, with 57m 20s and 57m 34s respectively. Was a tough outward leg and a high class field so congratulations both.

The always consistant Alan Cooke and Paul Mapletoft turned in 52m 41s and 55m 24s respectively. Well done guys.

Weekend results 28/29 June: BDCA 50

Karen Ledger Posted 30th June 2014

Karen Ledger (41) recorded another brilliant pb of 1-56m 48s to take 2nd fastest lady, just missing the age record - but I suspect it is only a matter of time before Margaret Allen's 1-56m 11s goes! Go on Karen - you've got a whole year to crack it...

Alex Deck

Crawling in 30s behind Karen, Alex Deck (46) achieved a new pb, taking over 2m off her existing age record for a 50, with 1-57m 18s.

Not to be outdone, Steve Cook (51) went under 2 hours for the first time with 1-56m 36s, and Chris Ledger (52) did 1-54m 11s - well done guys.

Weekend results 21/22 June

Keith Ainsworth Posted 23rd June 2014

Keith Ainsworth was the fastest North Mids Vet in the group's event on the O10/2 on Saturday, coming in 6th overall with 21m 20s - great ride Keith. Brian Sunter (71) won Best on Standard with a +7.27. Well done Brian!

Karen Ledger

New member Karen Ledger (41) recorded a brilliant pb of 56m 49s to take fastest lady at the Walsall 25, sadly not an age record - Margaret Allen's 54m 00s is proving a tough one to beat! Although nothing is impossible and Karen is a seriously fast, competitive lady - check out her biography on the WCS site. I'm sure it won't be long before some of the ladies age records tumble.

Alex Deck

It was a good weekend for the North Mids ladies, with Alex Deck (46) setting her second course record in four days at the Buxton CC 10 at Whaley Bridge on Saturday with 23m 59s, taking almost two minutes off the existing one.

/John Smith

Three new age records set this weekend

Posted 16th June 2014

Three group age records at 15 miles were smashed on the V728 YCF event on Sunday 15th June: Alex Deck (46) - 34m 10s; Tony Keyworth (67) - 34m 22s; and John Smith (76) (pictured) - 39m 14s. Check out all the group records here.

VTTA logo

Sybil Wilson

Posted 9th June 2014

Sad news: Sybil Wilson, nee Rodgers, wife of Syd Wilson and one of our VTTA life members passed away on Saturday June 7th after suffering several heart attacks. Sybil was a member of the Sheffield Phoenix CC; years ago, before meeting Syd, she was a member of the Beighton Wheelers.

The Wilson brothers, Jim and Syd are legendary in South Yorkshire - check out this brilliant article by Syd's nephew Nigel Wilson on the Wilson Cycles site.

I don't have a photo of Sybil but if anyone can provide one I will add it. The funeral is to be held on Monday 23rd June at 11.00am at Hutcliffe Wood Crematorium, Sheffield.

VTTA badges

VTTA badges and medal collection

Posted 9th June 2014

Group member George Miles got in touch recently about his collection of VTTA pin badges. In addition to the VTTA and VTTA North Midlands badges, there is, according to George:

"One VTTA 100 miles Championship Team medal dated 1954, awarded to WB Noble (Johnny as I recall); he raced on a trike and was in the Yorkshire Group and a member of North Road C.C. 1954 was before the North Mids Group was formed, so my father (Bill Miles) was also a member of the Yorkshire Group and knew Johnny.

Several years ago Johnny, who lived alone in Leeds, died, and whoever cleared his house out sent all his medals to the a scrap yard hoping for some money I expect. Another ex-cyclist friend of our family was at the scrap yard, saw the medals and asked if he could have them. Ray then passed the medals onto my father and they remained in his possession.

After the death of my father I eventually passed the medals on to the Yorkshire Group but cannot recall who to. I kept one medal as a reminder of Johnny, he was deaf and dumb and I really admired him. I, aged about 12 once rode his trike after he had ridden from Doncaster to Barnet and back, which was a North Road CC club record ride known as the 'donkey ride'.

Many thanks to George for sending that in, what an interesting tale. View photos.

Keith Ainsworth

Age records keep on coming!

Posted 4th June 2014

Keith Ainsworth added to the three records broken last weekend with a 20m 03s 10 at age 55. Nice one Keith. This is in addition to Trevor Mayne (50) and Alex Deck (46) achieving new 25 records at the South Pennine RC 25 at Etwall on Saturday, Trev clocking 52-04, Alex managing 57-08. Mick Allen (67) added a third 10 record to his collection, with a 20m 54s recorded at the YCF event last weekend. Fantastic rides everyone. Check out all the group records here.

VTTA logo

New members

Posted 29th May 2014

Welcome to new members Chris (Zepnat Cycles) and Karen (WCS) Ledger, Martin Bullen (Peterborough CC), Craig Lynch (NM VTTA), Ady Dench (Sheffrec CC), Joe le Sage (Rutland CC), Daryl May (Sheffrec CC), Richard Barnes (Barnsley RC), Andy Newham (Lincoln Wheelers), Richard Walker (NM VTTA) and Lee Dixon (Team Cystic Fibrosis).

Brian Waslidge

Brian Waslidge

Posted 13th March 2014

Brian Waslidge, one of the riders in the 18k, had a massive heart attack on Monday and is in Castle Hill (Hull) intensive care unit. Linda, his wife, was serving refreshments at the 18k. We all wish him a speedy recovery and very best wishes to Linda.

Update 11th June 2014 - Good news, Brian is out of hospital and on the mend.

Cafés page

New top cafés page

Posted 23rd April 2014

Check out our new cafés page next time you're planning a ride...


Road works to affect events on the A1

Posted 27th March 2014

Bad news - two events on the A1 are going to be affected by some bridge work this summer. Read the Retford Times article about the plans, kindly sent in by George Morris, for full details of the proposed work. See the Committee meeting minutes below for more details.


Committee meeting minutes

Posted 27th March 2014
  • Two events will have to be moved to alternative courses because of the forthcoming roadworks on the A1. John Martin is trying to get a 25 course in the East Midlands area and Pauline Wallis' 25 is likely to become a 10 on either the O10/2 and the O10/3. We will keep you updated.
  • Alan Sides is going to try and get Dave Dungworth as guest speaker at the next VTTA luncheon. Dave rode for the Sun Huret-Truwel and Falcon pro teams in the late 60s.
  • The minutes of the National AGM were read out; it was clarified that the extra £1 on levies did apply to this year.
  • Gordon showed the Committee the cup for the handicap trophy; there needs to be a new ring made for the names to be engraved but the profit from the 18k should cover the cost.
  • Finally a big thanks to all the people who helped run the 18k - Gordon and Barbara received four or five emails saying how well it was run, which is much appreciated.
Go Trev!

18k results

Posted 10th March 2014

Many thanks to Gordon and Barbara Scott for a great event on Saturday. Really nice day (apart from the monster headwind on the A1). Thanks too to all the marshals and helpers without whom there would be no event.

Congratulations to Brian Sunter (1st on standard), Kev Dawson (fastest actual) and Trevor Mayne, winner of the Ron Blythe trophy. AENDE Photography and Kimroy captured us all on camera for posterity.

Standards vs Performance Awards

Posted 13th Feb 2014

The motion enabling Groups to choose whether to have Standards or Performance Awards was recently approved at the VTTA AGM; we have voted to stay with Standards. Read more...

Kev Dawson

A bit about the The North Midlands 18k...

Posted 5th Feb 2014

The 18k was instigated by then Chairman Ron Blythe to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the VTTA (1943-1993). John Tomlinson of Sheffield Phoenix CC won the inaugural event with a 25m 22s ride on an old fixed wheel bike. The course record is held by Kev Dawson (pictured), set in 2008 with an impressive 22m 28s. Ron Hallam won best BOS with a plus of 10m 30s in the same year.

Handicap prize for the 18k

Posted 23rd Jan 2014

There will be a handicap prize (maybe even a trophy!) for North Midlands riders in the 18k this year. This is a trial run and if successful may be added to our other events. Only paid up members of the North Midlands will be eligible, and it will be based on on actual time minus the allotted handicap allowance. As the 18k is an unusual distance please put your best 10 time on your entry form together with the course number, otherwise it makes handicapping more difficult.

This new award is aimed at the slower riders who don't get a look in with the usual Best on Standard awards. Internet entries are being accepted, but postal entries are still welcome.