The VTTA is the National body for time trialling for the over forties, administered through sixteen regional groups. The groups are managed by their own elected committees, each responsible for providing a programme of time trials, social events and help and support for riders.

Each group has their own competitions and records, and members can gain medals for achieving and improving on their standard plus for the various distances.

The VTTA is affiliated to the Cycling Time Trials (CTT) and governed by its regulations.

If you are interested in time trialling and live in the North Midlands, please join us!

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B&DCC Hardwick Hall HC, OHC11, Sunday 17th September

Alex Deck Posted 20th September 2017

The first thing you need to know about this is that it takes place at night, in the beautiful surroundings of Hardwick Hall. It's meant to be illuminated by spotlights but there were only about four, so most of the 615m climb was done in the dark, which definitely adds a new dimension to it. You also get a commentator, and music, which is ace. All hill climbs should be like this. Bob Cuff and Alex Deck were the only North Mids vets foolish enough to do it – Alex finished 4th woman with 2.06 and Bob did 2.12. Good fun.

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VTTA national 30, R30/7, Sunday 17th September

Chris Melia Posted 20th September 2017

Sunday saw the VTTA National 30, with two fantastic results: Chris Melia won the women’s with 1-09.53, setting ANOTHER national, group and women's course record.

Keith Ainsworth’s 1-02.20 gave him 3rd overall on standard, also setting a national and group record!

Well done guys, awesome efforts.


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Annual prizegiving lunch

Chris Ledger Posted 14th September 2017

Date for your diary folks - this year's prizegiving lunch is on Sunday 26th November at everyone's favourite venue, the Carlton Park Hotel in Rotherham. There will be free wine again, good news for Chris Ledger. Joking Chris!

CC Breckland 50, B50/18, and Buxton CC's Long Hill, 2nd/3rd September

Chris Posted 7th September 2017

Chris Lea (right) continues his season of long events with another 50, coming 6th in the CC Breckland event with 1-50.17.

Rutland CC's Gordon Wordsworth and Peak RC's Chris Myhill got up early for the Buxton CC hill climb on the appropriately named Long Hill, which rises out of Whaley Bridge for 4 miles. Chris was 8th with 15.30.7 and Gordon won his age group (V60) with 19.30.7 - well done Gordon.

LRRA 30, C30/3, 3rd September

Richard Posted 7th September 2017

Andy Newham, Richard Sheldrake (right), Mick Lamb and Syd Wilson rode the LRRA 30 on the C30/3:

  • 8th Andy 1-09.20
  • 13th Richard 1-12.45
  • 16th Mick 1-13.59
  • 46th Syd setting ANOTHER group and national record with 1-37.47. How many records is that this year?! Answers on a postcard please... (clue: it's 4)


National 10, L1021, 3rd September

Chris Posted 7th September 2017

Great battle between Chris Ledger and Keith Ainsworth for the 55-59 age group prize. Chris just pipped Keith by 7s. Maybe if Keith hadn't ridden the V718 the day before it would have been different! Karen was 2nd in the 40-44 age group, beaten by Liz Powell's storming ride for 4th overall.

  • 47th Chris Ledger 21.31 - 1st 55-59
  • 52nd Keith Ainsworth 21.38
  • 10th woman Karen Ledger 23.08
  • 25th woman Ann Walsham 25.05

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VTTA Yorkshire 10, V718, 2nd September

Alex and Richard Dixon Posted 31st August 2017

Great day on the V718, with a few records broken. Alex Deck and Richard Dixon (Team Swift) took 43s off their national record with their 18.22 (the only time I will ever go faster than Dan Barnett!) and John Smith (aged 79) took 18s off his existing Group record. The Elmsall RC trio of Steve Scott, John Martin and Karl Caton set a new Club record of 1-02.21. Because the results were on standard I've listed them in standard order and actual:

  • 1st on standard / 1st actual tandem Alex Deck & Richard Dixon +8.29 / 18.22
  • 8th / 10th Keith Ainsworth +8.13 / 19.13
  • 19th / 128th John Smith +7.36 / 23.41
  • 39th / 73rd Martin Bullen +6.57 / 21.17
  • 44th / 13th Stuart Wells +6.52 / 19.35
  • =46th / 25th Karl Caton +6.47/ 19.58
  • 57th /98th Tony Keyworth +6.38 / 22.24
  • 66th / 114th Alan Steward +6.28 / 22.58
  • =71st / 52nd John Martin +6.23 / 20.46
  • =71st / =111th Ben Hamilton +6.23 / 22.51
  • =81st / 30th Andy Newham +6.13 / 20.05
  • =89th / 66th Gary Bates +6.01 / 21.03
  • =99th / =84th Steve Scott +5.49 / 21.37
  • =116th / =48th Richard Sheldrake +5.34 / 20.44
  • 142nd / 138th Alan Sides +3.27 / 26.12


BDCA 100, A100/4, 2nd September

Chris Posted 7th September 2017

Some fantastic results for the group at the BDCA 100. Joe Le Sage in particular broke Darren Otter's 17 year club record with his ride, and Chris Melia (right), in her first 100, won the women's event and set a swathe of new records, knocking out Margaret Allen's 1989 group one. Well done people.

  • Joe Le Sage 3-46.36 – pb, Rutland Club Record and North Mids age record!
  • Daryl May 3-53.55 - pb too! Well done Daryl
  • Chris Melia 3-55.41 (1st woman) pb, North Mids and National age record!

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Team Swift Charity 10 (slower than 22.00), V718, 27th August

Alix Posted 31st August 2017

Good to see a few North Mids riders getting a ride in this event. John Smith (a youthful 79) got a group record with his brilliant 23.56. Great ride John.

  • Alix Archer 22.47 – pb! Well done Alix
  • Gary Clarke 22.57 – pb, well done Gary
  • Dave Buxton 22.58 – massive pb, well done Dave
  • Mick Weaver 23.18
  • John Smith 23.56 (see above)
  • Wayne Fuller 24.29
  • Ben Hamilton 24.30
  • Alan Sides 25.44

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Team Swift Charity 10, V718, 27th August

Chris Posted 31st August 2017

Still waiting for some timekeeping issues to be resolved on this one:

  • Chris Ledger 19.01 (tbc)
  • Joe Le Sage 19.50 - pb, brilliant ride Joe.
  • Karl Caton 20.01
  • Chris Lea 20.38
  • Karen Ledger 20.51
  • John Martin 20.49

Results Men | Women (not available yet) | Photos 25, R25/3H, 20th August

Keith Posted 30th August 2017

A controversial event due to the dq of Marcin Bialoblocki, the North Mids contingent stayed this side of the law (and the white line) to record some brilliant times, including a new group and national age record for Karen, beating her two previous ones:

  • 15th Keith Ainsworth 50.01 (pictured) pb and new group age record, well done Keith
  • 18th Chris Ledger 50.23
  • 3rd woman Karen Ledger 53.21 (pb, group and National age record for 44!)
  • 73rd Martin Bullen 55.04

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VTTA National 50, U109, 20th August

Chris Posted 30th August 2017

We only had one entry into the National 50 but it was a worthy one. Chris Melia ventured south to trounce the competition in the VTTA National 50, where her 2-12.50 (+19.51) won her the women's event on actual (by 5 minutes from Jayne Dickens) and standard, as well as coming 6th overall on standard. Good effort Chris!


YCF 30, V241, 19th August

Paul Posted 30th August 2017

A rare 30 for riders who don't always want to ride on dual carriageways:

  • 22nd Paul Mapletoft 1-12.58 (pictured)
  • 28th Andy Whitehead 1-14.22
  • 30th Tony Keyworth 1-17.40
  • 46th Wayne Fuller 1-24.52
  • 47th Michael Weaver 1-25.19
  • 53rd Alan Sides 1-33.46

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YCF 15, V226, 19th August

John Posted 30th August 2017

The V226 isn't as fast as the V728 but that didn't stop John and Syd achieving new national age records:

  • 10th John Smith 42.03 (pictured) - 1st in age group (70-79), group and national age record
  • 11th Graham Barker 42.13 - 1st in age group (60-69)
  • 18th Ala Whitehead 47.28
  • 19th Syd Wilson 47.46 - 1st in age group (80-89), group and national age record

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Tickhill Velo 10, O10/1, 12th August

Trevor, Paddy, Keith Posted 14th August 2017

Brilliant turnout from the North Mids at this event with 16 of us riding. Ride of the day definitely goes to Trevor Mayne’s fantastic sub-21m ride to claim equal 5th with Richard Sharp of York Cycleworks. Paddy, Keith and Richard all did great rides too, anything under 22m on Hatfield is excellent.

  • =5th Trevor Mayne 20.59 (top right)
  • 10th Paddy Gould 21.30 (centre right)
  • 13th Keith Ainsworth 21.37 (bottom right)
  • 14th Richard Lunt 21.41
  • 33rd Steve Hollowood 23.08
  • 43rd Alex Deck 24.17
  • 47th Al Norton 24.39
  • 48th Gordon Wordsworth 24.43
  • 52nd Ann Walsham 25.13
  • 53rd Ben Hamilton 25.26 (tbc)
  • 54th Dave Buxton 25.33 (pb - well done Dave!)
  • 64th Graham Barker 26.26
  • 65th Alix Archer 26.29
  • 70th Wayne Fuller 27.34
  • 73rd John Smith 27.55
  • 77th John Slater 28.29

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Bridlington CC 10, V718, 12th August

Karen Posted 14th August 2017

Some good times on the 718 this weekend:

  • 12th Chris Ledger 19.41
  • 20th Stuart Wells 20.11
  • 26th Joe Le Sage 20.28
  • 28th Karl Caton 20.29
  • Karen Ledger 21.02 (right)(2nd woman)
  • 61st Steve Scott 22.08 (season’s best for Steve, well done)
  • 64th Richard Hembrough 22.15

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RTTC 25 Championships, South Wales, 5/6th August

Chris Posted 1st August 2017

Some phenomenal times recorded on the Rhigos course this weekend in the national 25. I’m sure someone will already have done this but it’d be interesting to compare the top 10 times to those from even 5 years ago – the jump in speed since the widespread adoption of power meters and coaches really is incredible. To think the guy who came last out of 139 riders did a short 57, and the Junior events were won with a long 48 (male) and 54.51 (female).

It looks like anyone who wanted to race was there; this included Karen Ledger, Chris Ledger and Keith Ainsworth, who battled the winds and rain to finish 19th in the women's (56.27), 66th (51.02) and 84th (52.14) respectively. Well done guys.

Stop press - just been informed that Chris Ledger won his age group (55-59). Well done Chris.

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