The 2015 prizegiving luncheon

The 2015 prizegiving luncheon at the Carlton Park Hotel, Rotherham. Thanks to John smith (Thurcroft CC) for taking the photos and to Baz Breedon for presenting the awards.



Alan Sides - standards in 3 distances

Alex Deck - Cleethorpes shield - group 10m

Alex Deck and John Smith, equal 7th in the Prestige Points

Chris Lea, 9th in the Prestige Points

Chris Lea, winner of the Colin Bell Cup (Group Middle Distance BAR)

Chris Ledger - winner, Watson trophy (Prestige Points)

Chris Ledger - winner, Brian Beardsley Memorial Cup - 12 hour

Chris Ledger - winner, group BAR - Ethel Scothern cup

Chris Melia - standards in three distances

Chris Melia - winner, Meersbrook trophy (Group short distance BAR)

Chris Melia - winner, Sid Sharman cup - 50m

Chris Melia - winner, ladies BAR - Susie Denham cup

Graham Barker (age record)

Joe Le Sage (fastest North Mids rider in the YCF 100 (presented by George Morris)

Joe Le Sage - 3rd in the Brian Beardsley Memorial Cup (12 hour)

John Smith - 3rd in the Sheffield Central Trophy (both group 25m events)

Karen Ledger - 2nd in the Watson Cup, Prestige Points

Karen Ledger - winner, Ron Blythe trophy

Karen Ledger - 3rd in the Colin bell cup

Karen Ledger - 3rd in the ladies BAR

Karen Ledger - 3rd in the Sid Sharman cup

Robin Maclagan - standard at one distance

Tony Keyworth - standard in 4 distances and an age record

Trevor Mayne - 3rd in the Cleethopres Shield

Trevor Mayne - 2nd in the Sid Sharman cup

Trevor Mayne - 2nd in the Meersbrook Trophy (Group Short Distance BAR)

Trevor Mayne - equal 3rd in the Prestige Points

Wayne Fuller - standards in two distances