The VTTA is the National body for time trialling for the over forties, administered through sixteen regional groups. The groups are managed by their own elected committees, each responsible for providing a programme of time trials and social events.

Each group has their own competitions and records, and members can gain medals for achieving and improving on their standard plus for the various distances.

The VTTA is affiliated to the Cycling Time Trials (CTT) and governed by its regulations.

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Tickhill Velo 10, O10/1, Saturday 13th August

Keith Posted 15th August 2016

A decent day at Hatfield for this event, one of the North Midlands Time Trial series. Karen's win will very probaly seal her victory in the standard carriageway competition.

  • Keith Ainsworth 21.37
  • Patrick Murphy 21.49 - read Patrick's blog about the race
  • Chris Ledger 22.16
  • Karen Ledger 22.59 (1st woman)
  • Mick Lamb 22.59 (course pb)
  • Steve Hollowood 23.07
  • Al Norton 23.46
  • Andrew Ziemacki 24.50
  • Alix Archer 24.57
  • Ant McNamara 25.36
  • John Smith 26.49

Bridlington CC 10, V718, Saturday 13th August

Karl Caton Posted 15th August 2016

Well done to Karl, Steve and John on their Elmsall RC club 10m team record of 1hr 04s. Yet another slightly disappointing ride for me on yet another windy day.

  • Karl Caton 20.41 (right)
  • John Martin 21.37
  • Steve Scott 22.04
  • Alex Deck 22.13 (5th woman)
  • Pete Stirk 24.23

Recent bits and bobs

Alan Cooke Posted 15th August 2016

There are always a few events on less well known courses... Alan Cooke (pictured) was 11th overall with a course pb in the Weaver Valley 25 on the J4/8 and Trevor Mayne braved the ECCA 12hr event down in Cambridgeshire and covered 267 miles. Fantastic effort Trev! Chris Melia made the trip south too, for the women's national 25 and finished a brilliant 14th in a huge, top class field. Well done Chris. Paul Heggie did the Darlington CC 25 on the T254, and was fastest 60+ with 1-02.25. Great stuff Paul, what a good season you're having. Andy Newham nipped over to the darkside for the Bassettlaw triathlon and finished 16th out of 212. Oh and last but not least, Chris Wallis and John Martin rode the Stockton Whs 25 on the T252/3 and finished with 58.42 and 1-01.31 respectively.

Drighlington BC 25, V237, Saturday 6th August

Karl Caton Posted 15th August 2016

Memorable for many reasons, this event did produce some (genuinely) good times:

  • Karl Caton 57.33
  • Mick Lamb 1-00.15, (right) course pb, well done Mick
  • Steve Scott 1-01.07
  • Tony Keyworth 1-04.44

Bynea CC 25, R25/3H, Sunday 31st July

Keith Posted 4th August 2016

The 250 mile drive down to South Wales is becoming popular amongst riders keen to take advantage of the 6 mile 'gift' hill on this course. Four north midlanders headed south this weekend and two of them came back with pb's:

  • Keith Ainsworth (right) 51.18, pb and group age record (57) - congratulations Keith!
  • Chris Wallis 55.24
  • Steve Scott 56.02 – pb, well done Steve
  • Charles Crookes 57.20

New group 12 hour trike record for Andy Newham

Andy Newham

Andy Newham, 43, was 17th in the Team Swift 12 hour, achieving not only a group age record with his 219.581 miles (age 43), but also a Lincoln Wheelers and LRRA 12hr record. Congratulations Andy! Can't see that one being beaten for a year or two ;-)

Group 25, O25C, Saturday 30th July

Daryl Posted 4th August 2016

It was our group 25 on Saturday, bit of a thin turnout but that’s probably because people thought they were racing on the A1, or perhaps because there was an event on the 718. Rather a lot of dns’s (one of whom was the pusher off – this resulted in riders doing standing starts) but thanks to John Martin for organising and to all who helped out. Full results here.

  • Daryl May (right) 57:48
  • Graham Barker / Chris Duggleby (tandem) 1:02:31
  • Ann Walsham 1-02:58
  • Paul Heggie 1-04:12
  • John Smith 1-09:19

Team Jaden 10, V718, Saturday 30th July

Patrick Posted 4th August 2016

Those of us (ok – me) hoping to do a fast 10 on the 718 were defeated yet again by the strong westerly wind.

  • Patrick Murphy (right) 20.19 – read Patrick’s blog
  • Karl Caton 20.31
  • Karen Ledger 21.08 – just 6s off her pb
  • Steve Hollowood 21.18
  • Alex Deck 22.37 – bloody miles off her pb

We have a new Secretary


John Smith (Thurcroft CC) has willingly (well maybe with just a little coercion) volunteered to be our new Group Secretary. Looking forward to having you at the meetings John. Thanks very much for volunteering.

Shaftesbury CC 50, Saturday 23rd July

Chris Posted 26th July 2016

Boiling hot conditions near Cambridge resulted in some crazy fast times on this Cambridgeshire dc, pretty much everyone who made it round came home with a pb. Chris Melia went one better and not only smashed three group age records but also June Pitchfard’s national age record that has stood since 1984! Just incredible

VTTA Yorkshire 10, V718, Saturday 23rd July

Keith Posted 26th July 2016

Some very good times on the V on Saturday, particularly awesome rides by Keith Ainsworth, Karl Caton and Jeff Regler with several club and group age records tumbling.

  • Alex Deck & Richard Dixon (tandem) 19.38 (1st tandem)
  • Keith Ainsworth 19.43 (right) pb, Sheffrec CC record and group age record)
  • Karl Caton 19.58 (pb and Elmsall RC record)
  • Jeff Regler 20.00
  • Richard Sheldrake 21.04 (pb)
  • Paul Heggie 21.41 (pb and Birdwell Whs age record)
  • Steve Scott 21.53
  • Martin Bullen 21.54
  • Mick Allen 22.01
  • Tony Keyworth 22.50
  • Pete Stirk 23.31
  • John Smith 24.09 (pb)
  • Mike Garvey 25.11
  • Syd Wilson 26.52 (group and (I think) national age record for 87)


Not content with smashing his 10 pb Keith Ainsworth went down to the legendarily fast R25/3H course in South Wales and pb’d again, with 51.54 – another Group age record! (Keith is 57).

Rossington Wheelers 10, O10/1, Saturday 23rd July

Ann Posted 26th July 2016

This had been billed as a 25 but road resurfacing meant it had to be hastily rescheduled as a 10. Part of the JE James North Midlands TT series.

  • Darryl Wall 20.31 (1st)
  • Trevor Mayne 21.38
  • Alan Cooke 21.51
  • Daryl May 22.43
  • Steve Hollowood 23.04
  • Mark Booth 23.59
  • Ann Walsham 24.41 (right) (1st woman)

Selby CC 10, V718, Sunday 17th July

Chris Posted 7th July 2016

Any event where the first two women did 30mph+ rides must have been fast, so no wonder our top women riders came out of it with national age records – well done Karen and Chris. Although actually, we’ve come to expect great rides from these two () – just as impressive was the pb ride from Alix Archer, taking 2 minutes(?) off her old one, congratulations Alix!

  • 27th Trevor Mayne 20.21
  • 29th Karl Caton 20.28 (pb - well done Karl)
  • 45th Karen Ledger 21.02 (National and group age record and pb!) (3rd woman)
  • 67th Chris Melia 21.41 (right)(National and group age record and pb!) (5th woman)
  • 84th Alex Deck 22.13 (8th woman)
  • 96th Steve Scott 22.32
  • 103rd Alix Archer 22.48 (pb by miles – fantastic ride Alix!)
  • 119th Pete Stirk 23.54

Full results | photos

YCF 100, V278, Saturday 17th July

Joe Posted 21st July 2016

Full results | photos

  • 6th - Joe Le Sage 4-01.11
  • 13th Daryl May 4-13.58

Common Lane Occasionals SpoCo, O12C, 13th July

Alex Posted 21st July 2016

Well done Joe, Alex and Paul for braving the national 100 on what sounded like quite a tough day.

  • 1st Darryl Wall 33.06
  • 8th Joe Le Sage 35.16
  • 16th Alex Deck 39.35 (right)(1st woman & course record)
  • 23rd Ann Walsham 42.47 (2nd woman)

Full results.

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