The VTTA is the National body for time trialling for the over forties, administered through sixteen regional groups. The groups are managed by their own elected committees, each responsible for providing a programme of time trials, social events and help and support for riders.

Each group has their own competitions and records, and members can gain medals for achieving and improving on their standard plus for the various distances.

The VTTA is affiliated to the Cycling Time Trials (CTT) and governed by its regulations.

If you are interested in time trialling and live in the North Midlands, please join us!

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Birdwell Wheelers 10, O10/1, Saturday 14th April

Keith, Alix, Alex Posted 17th April 2018

Good fun on Saturday at the Birdwell 10 on everyone's favourite course (Hatfield). Surprisingly good conditions for once, which made a nice change. Highest place North Mids vet was Keith Ainsworth with 21.44, this was despite puncturing whilst warming up and having to borrow a wheel. Ride of the day for me was Alix Archer taking a minute (yes) off her course pb with a brilliant 24.50, congratulations Alix! Here's how everyone else fared:

  • 11th Keith Ainsworth (Sheffrec CC) 21.44 (1st vet 50-59) (top right, pic by John Robert)
  • 16th Trevor Mayne (Birdwell Whs) 22.32
  • 20th Richard Lunt (Rossington Whs) 22.50
  • 26th Robert Barnard (Team Cystic Fibrosis) 23.46
  • 30th John Martin (Elmsall RC) 24.08
  • 34th Al Norton (Harworth & District CC) 24.18
  • 36th Alex Deck (Rutland CC) 24.31 (2nd woman) (bottom right, pic by CraigZad)
  • 40th Alix Archer (Maxx RT) 24.50 (3rd woman) (centre right, pic by Brian Hall)
  • 43rd Ann Walsham (Maxx RT) 25.15
  • 45th Tony Keyworth (Kiveton Park CC) 25.28 (1st 70+)
  • 61st John Slater (Doncaster Whs) 28.27
  • 62nd John Smith (Thurcroft CC) 28.31

There were some great photos taken on the day too, with no fewer than three photgraphers out on the course. Make sure you credit these guys if you use and / or buy any prints: Brian Hall | CraigZad | John Robert

There was a road bike only event running simultaneously which gave new member Andy Clark a new pb - well done Andy. Not many people set a pb on Hatfield, so that's not going to last long.

  • 4th Dominic Watts (Veloviewer) 24.02
  • 14th Andy Clark (VTTA North Mids) 26.48

CTT results and report | Road bike event results

VTTA Yorkshire 25, V236/1, Saturday 7th April

Paul Heggie Posted 9th April 2018

Over 20 dns's for this one but not Paul Heggie, who set another Birdwell Wheelers age record with his 1-01.53 (aged 64). Well done Paul (and John too of course). Great photo by Craig Zadoroznyj

  • John Martin (Elmsall RC) 59.47
  • Paul Heggie (Birdwell Whs) 1-01.53

CTT results

Melton Olympic CC 25, A25/34, Saturday 7th April

Andy Newham Posted 9th April 2018

Congratulations to Andy Newham on a new trike 25 group age record, blowing the one he set last year out of the water by about three minutes. I've not got any photos for this one so if any of you have please send them in. The one of Andy is from last year. Good one though.

  • Alan Cooke (Peak RC) 54.56
  • Al Norton (Harworth & District CC) 59.20
  • Andy Newham (Lincoln Whs) 59.37 (pictured)
  • Tony Keyworth (Kiveton Park) 1-01.15s

CTT results

Sleaford Whs 10, C10/10, Saturday 31st March

John Gadie Posted 5th April 2018

THE COLDEST EVENT EVER. Shows how hard North Mids vets are though - five of us probably contracting pneumonia on the rolling C10/10 in sub zero temperatures with a bit of sleet thrown in for good measure. Only about 30s between the first four of us with Andy Clarke three mins behind, but just riding it was a good effort - over a third of the field sensibly DNSd.

  • 38th John Gadie (Barton Whs) 25.19 (pictured)
  • 45th Mick Lamb (Kiveton Park CC) 25.33
  • 47th John Martin (Elmsall RC) 25.51
  • 49th Alex Deck (Rutland CC) 25.56 (2nd woman)
  • 78th Andy Clarke (VTTA North Midlands) 28.35

CTT results | photos by Richard Howes

Buxton CC Mountain TT, Good Friday, J8/3

Joe le Sage Posted 5th April 2018

The legendarily tough Buxton MTT took place on a chilly Good Friday with a top class field including Hayley Simmonds and national HC champion Melissa Lowther amongst the women. Our mountain goats Joe, Daryl and Dominic, who mysteriously seem to love this course, all finished with very respectable times in the vets event:

  • 4th vet Joe le Sage (Rutland CC) 59.54 (pictured)
  • 15th vet Daryl May (Sheffrec CC) 1-05.44
  • 24th vet Dominic Watts (Veloviewer) 1-09.44

CTT results

Our first event of the year

Alex, Emilie and Alix Posted 26th March 2018

Chris Melia organised the group's first event of the year on Saturday on the O10/16 and it was a great success. The snow held off and a small but classy field of 40 descended on the outskirts of Bolsover (not sure if that was more scary for them or us). Tony Wood and Brian Hall took some brilliant photos and lots of people made cakes. We even had proper coffee! Overall it was a good day. James Rix (Team Bottrill / Vanguard) was actual fastest man with 20.53 and Alex Deck (Rutland CC) was fastest woman with 25.29. Michael Dodson (Uk-Featherflags/TRI Race Team) was fastest on standard with +4.13. In all, 14 group members entered - a huge thanks to those who helped out by marshalling / baking cakes / supporting Chris in her first event. Photos are of the three women, who were all within 30s of each other - special congratulations to Alix Archer on a storming ride.

  • Chris Myhill (Rutland CC) 22.54 (3rd on standard)
  • Joe le Sage (Rutland CC) 22.56
  • Trevor Mayne (Birdwell Whs) 23.56
  • Alan Cooke (Peak RC) 24.04
  • Rob Barnard (Team Cystic Fibrosis) 24.19
  • Alex Deck (Rutland CC) 25.29 (1st woman) (top right)
  • Emile Verroken (Maxx RT) 25.37 (2nd woman) (middle right)
  • Alix Archer (Maxx RT) 25.54 (3rd woman)(bottom right)
  • Al Norton (Harworth And District CC) 26.14
  • Gordon Wordsworth (Rutland CC) 26.18
  • Dave Buxton (Rotherham Wheelers) 26.27
  • Oliver Wright (CLOs) 28.33
  • Andy Clarke (VTTA North Mids) 28.37
  • John Smith (Thurcroft CC) 29.38
  • Gary Bates (Team Swift) 33.57

Photos: Brian Hall (Facebook) | Tony Wood
Full results

Harrogate Nova 15, V226

Syd Posted 26th January 2018

Our event wasn't the only one this weekend. The Harrogate Nova 15 drew a pretty impressive field, and the first group and national age record of the year with 89 (yes) year old Syd Wilson's 49.13. Huge congratulations Syd, what a start to the year.

  • 24th Daryl May (Sheffrec CC) 35.37
  • 36th John Martin (Elmsall RC) 37.20
  • 37th Paul Mapletoft (Kiveton Park) 37.24
  • 41st Mick Lamb (Kiveton Park) 38.24
  • 48th Paul Heggie (Birdwell Whs) 39.17
  • 66th Syd Wilson (Sheffield Phoenix) 49.13 (pictured)
  • 67th Ala Whitehead (Rockingham CC) 49.48

CTT report and results

2018 subs

VTTA north Mids logo Posted 30th January 2018

Subs are due by THE END OF FEBRUARY. You can pay by cheque or PayPal.

VTTA National AGM and prizegiving

AlexAndChris Posted 30th January 2018

We sent two delegates down to Solihull on Saturday for the National AGM and prizegiving. Receiving awards were Chris Melia (6th overall in the 3 distance competition (out of 99), 20th in the 2 distance competition (out of 309), winner of the women's 50m and 30m champs) and Alex Deck (winner of the 15m tandem champs).

Here are Alex and Chris receiving their awards from VTTA President Carole Gandy. (Photos by Kimroy).

More info and full 2017 results on the VTTA site.

How cycling saved my life

Andy Clark Posted 23rd January 2018

It's been a while since we did a rider feature. Usually, it's someone who is sadly no longer with us so this one is a first in that the subject is very much alive and kicking. It's also a first in that the rider in question wrote it himself. New member Andy Clark wanted to tell his story of racing, weight gain, weight loss and (hopefully) return to racing.

Thanks so much for this Andy. It's inspiring stuff. We look forward to seeing you on the start line this year.

Read Andy's story here.

Happy new year!

Chris and Sean Posted 18th January 2018

Welcome back everyone. I've archived all last year's news stories but you can still read them if you are so inclined.

So, we have a fresh new page for 2018. What better way to kick it off than a photo of a legend in cycling taken at Champions' Night last weekend. Yes it's our very own Chris Melia, 5th in the Women's 3 distance BAR with an average speed of 26.26mph, being presented with her award by some bloke called Sean Yates. Chris also picked up the team award for Born to Bike.


2018 subs

Posted 30th November 2017

Subs are due now for 2018 (unless you joined in the last couple of weeks in which case your membership fee covers it). You can renew via PayPal or cheque. Full details here. Standards are still only a fiver!