The VTTA is the National body for time trialling for the over forties, administered through sixteen regional groups. The groups are managed by their own elected committees, each responsible for providing a programme of time trials, social events and help and support for riders.

Each group has their own competitions and records, and members can gain medals for achieving and improving on their standard plus for the various distances.

The VTTA is affiliated to the Cycling Time Trials (CTT) and governed by its regulations.

If you are interested in time trialling and live in the north midlands, please join us!

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Your Committee

vtta Posted 19th June 2017

Thought it might be nice to introduce the Committee properly, for those members who are new to the North Mids and wondering who these mysterious people are (and indeed what we do). Check out the new rogues' gallery.

CommonLane occasionals SpoCo, O12C, Wednesday 14th June

Darryl and Alex Posted 15th June 2017

Only three north mids vets entered this gruelling but mercifully short SpoCo, which runs from Barlow to Baslow (via Fox Lane) to Owler Bar and back to Holmesfield. what we didn't expect was to be joined on the startsheet by World Champions Elinor Barker, Connor Swift and Katie Archibald. That wasn't part of the plan at all. Turns out they're quite good.

Two course records later Darryl had managed a brilliant 3rd behind Connor Swift and Sam Walsham, with Chris Myhill just a second behind in 4th. I grovelled in after three World champions and Emilie Verroken, who is in great form at the moment.

  • 3rd Darryl Wall 33.32 (top right)
  • 4th Chris Myhill 33.33
  • 5th woman Alex Deck 39.39 (bottom right)


Team Swift 10, V718, Wednesday 14th June

Richard Posted 15th June 2017

It was the turn of Richard Sheldrake and Andy Newham, both Lincoln Wheelers, to pb on the V718 last night at the slower than 21.00 event - well done both. Paul Heggie was only 9s off his but did manage to improve the Birdwell Whs Club age record.

  • 7th Richard Lunt 20.12
  • 18th Andy Newham 20.39
  • 25th Richard Sheldrake 20.55 (pictured)
  • 63rd Paul Heggie 21.54 (club age record)


City RC 10, V718, Wednesday 7th June

Chris Ledger Posted 8th June 2017

Chris and Karen Ledger both gained group age records on the 718 last night with Chris's 19.23 being a National age record for 55 too. And a pb! Congratulations guys.

  • Chris Ledger19.23
  • Karen Ledger 20.43 (1st woman)
  • Steve Scott 22.20 (season best so far)


Bolsover and District CC 10, O10/16, Wednesday 7th June

Alex Posted 8th June 2017

This new course between Staveley and Bolsover via Poolsbrook couldn’t have been more different – up, down, left, right, round… almost two laps meant you were constantly seeing other riders which made it a lot of fun. Some stiff competition resulted in two new course records, both set by vets which is great – Ian Guilor (not a north mids rider) 21.17 and Alex Deck with 24.24. Overall the north mids vets were really well represented:

  • 2nd Darryl Wall 21.26 (over 28mph avg, not bad on a course with 7 roundabouts!)
  • 7th Joe Le Sage 22.16 (right)
  • 8th Chris Myhill 22.22
  • 9th Alan Cooke 22.49
  • 12th Steve Hollowood 24.06
  • 13th Dominic Watts 24.08
  • 14th Alex Deck 24.24 (1st woman + course record) (top right)
  • 17th Gary Kondor 25.07
  • 19th Bob Cuff 27.55 (road bike) – new pb for Bob, well done
  • 20th John Smith 28.14


Sportzmad 25, R25/3H, South Wales Sunday 4th June

rain Posted 8th June 2017

This was grim - wind and rain, badly signposted and marshalled (2 marshalls in a 25?? Both at the turn?) - I got lost and Chris had a hideous race but nevertheless managed to win fastest women vet which was ace. No photos, so here is a pic of some rain, which is about all our view was that day.

  • Chris Melia 57.11 (1st woman vet)
  • Alex Deck DNF - (most annoyed women vet)


Mapperley CC 10, A10/3, Saturday 27th May

Karen Posted 31st May 2017

This sounded pretty grim - wind and rain (mostly wind) - but a potentially fast course, so a few group members headed south on Saturday. Great ride by Karen (right) for fastest woman, with Ann Walsham only 49s behind her - strong ride Ann! Ditto Keith, Chris and Karl - a 21 in those conditions is great. Well done all.

  • 14th Keith Ainsworth 21.12
  • 15th Chris Ledger 21.14
  • 19th Karl Caton 21.38
  • 33rd Karen Ledger 22.54 (1st woman)
  • 42nd Ann Walsham 23.43 (2nd woman)
  • 52nd Steve Scott 24.09
  • 58th John Martin 24.44


Rutland CC SpoCo, O17C, Wednesday 24th May

Alex Posted 31st May 2017

Due to roadworks this tough course had to be cut down at the last moment from 17.2m to just over 11m - although it still featured a lot of climbing. Thanks to Joe Le Sage for sorting the diversion and all the excess of marshalls. Great rides by Chris Myhill for 3rd overall and Alex Deck (right) for fastest woman.

  • 3rd Chris Myhill 28.58
  • 4th Darryl Wall 29.02
  • 16th Daryl May 30.48
  • 26th Dominic Watts 33.22
  • 27th Alex Deck 33.36 (1st woman)
  • 31st Ann Walsham 35.54


VTTA Notts & East Midlands 25, Saturday 20th May

Andy and Ala Posted 23rd May 2017

Another tough day thanks to hurricane force wind and rain on the A25/34, well done everyone who finished, especially Paddy with a really strong 52, very good ride in those conditions. Karen and Chris Ledger were both 1st in their age groups and on standard (I think). Pics are of our recently wedded group members Andy and Ala Whitehead of Rockingham CC.

  • 5th Paddy Gould 52.53
  • 9th Chris Ledger 54.05
  • 26th Alan Cooke 58.07
  • 27th Karen Ledger 58.23 (1st woman)
  • 30th Andy Whitehead 58.42 (top right)
  • 32nd Paul Mapletoft 59.03
  • 37th Ann Walsham 1-00.13
  • 49th Gary Kondor 1-02.27
  • 63rd Tony Keyworth 1-05.20
  • 65th Ben Hamilton 1-05.21
  • 81st Alan Sides 1-14.47
  • 82nd Ala Whitehead 1-20.29 (bottom right)


City RC 10, V718, Sunday 14th May

Paul Posted 16th May 2017

Some speedy rides on the V this weekend, great rides by Andy, Paul and Ben, well done guys.

  • Ian Ambler (40+) 22.01
  • Andy Newham (trike) (40+) 22.05 (right - beating his own group record by 49s!)
  • Paul Heggie (60+) 22.06 (1st 60+ and Birdwell Wheelers club age record! Great ride Paul)
  • Ben Hamilton (70+) 22.40 (1st 70+, well done Ben)
  • Paul Ruta (70+) 23.02
  • Mick Weaver (60+) 23.34
  • Graham Barker (60+) 23.54
  • Alan Sides (70+) 25.20


Sheffrec CC 25, O25/11, Saturday 13th May

Dom Posted 16th May 2017

Judging by the photos (by Rob Booth on FB) it was a bit grim at Hatfield on Saturday, so all credit to those who rode.

  • Keith Ainsworth 56.51 (1st 50+)
  • Steve Hollowood 59.42
  • Dominic Watts 1-00.50 (right)
  • Andy Whitehead 1-01.26
  • Tony Keyworth 1-04.51
  • Ann Walsham 1-04.54
  • John Smith 1-12.30
  • Bob Cuff 1-13.39 (road bike)
  • Ala Whitehead 1-20.58

Results (not published yet)

South Pennine 25, A25/11, Saturday 16th May

Karen Posted 8th May 2017

Variable conditions at Etwall produced some fast rides, congratulations to Steve, Chris, Karen (right) and Chris on their assorted age records. There was slight panic for a while as Karen’s time was wrongly reported as 56.25 but this was soon put right by the organiser.

  • Steve Gibson 50.59 (Group age record)
  • Chris Ledger 51.03 (Group age record)
  • Trevor Mayne 51.49
  • Alan Cooke 53.21
  • Richard Sheldrake 54.10
  • Karen Ledger 54.25 (1st 40-44 woman, National and Group age record)
  • Paul Mapletoft 55.24
  • Chris Melia 56.06 (1st 50-54 woman, National and Group age record)
  • Alex Deck 56.56 (1st 45-49 woman)
  • Oliver Wright 57.22


BDCA 10, A10/19, Saturday 6th May

Chris Posted 8th May 2017

Yet another chilly, windy race, but this time with enough favourable wind direction for some decent times on the Etwall course. There aren't many 10s run on this course (which is a shame) so many riders had travelled long distances for the event.

  • 16th - Chris Myhill 20.44
  • 31st - Alan Cooke 21.44
  • 42nd - Paul Mapletoft 22.12
  • 2nd woman - Chris Melia 22.30 (right) – a new women's group age record, Chris' fourth
  • 4th woman - Alex Deck 22.50 (course pb and new Rutland CC women's record)
  • 78th Mick Allen – 26.15

Results: men | women | photos

Rossington Wheelers 10, O10/1, Saturday 6th May

Posted 8th May 2017

Wheeler Richard Lunt both organised and rode to 2nd place in this, the 6th event in the North Mids TT series. Not only that but he also found time to purchase an impressive range of Belgian beers for the prizes, which went down really well with the riders. Here's how we did:

  • 1st - Paddy Gould 21.18
  • 2nd - Richard Lunt 21.28
  • 8th - Trevor Mayne 22.33
  • 9th - Joe Le Sage 22.39
  • 21st - Mick Lamb 24.31
  • 23rd - Ann Walsham 25.03 (right) 1st woman – this will nudge Ann up in the series standings, well done Ann.
  • 24th - Gordon Wordsworth 25.06
  • 28th - Tony Keyworth 25.44
  • 34th - Alix Archer 26.19
  • 37th - Michael Weaver 26.58
  • 40th - John Smith 28.04
  • 42nd - John Slater 28.23

Full results here.